rest inventory-step one

rest inventory-step one


I love compiling and reading lists.

I find myself in a perpetual rush

and often quickly skim lists

without truly absorbing the information.

I tend to write about the need for rest at the end of the week,

but I thought it would be beneficial to begin

thinking (dreaming) about it early in the week.

Let’s take an inventory this week to make

the pursuit of rest a reality.

You may or may not be like me in your list perusing

and prone to skip steps to get to the pay-off,

regardless, let’s take each part of the rest inventory list

one by one,

day by day.

Think of it as bite-sized daily assignments as we creep

closer to the weekend.

Plus it will keep each post shorter and to the point.

Step One:

Define what rest looks and feels like to you.

To me, rest resembles time spent refueling my soul.

I like to read, watch movies, take naps, play games, walk

and catch up on my ever-growing pile of magazines.

I like to write if it feels full of ease and empty of tension.

Rest could be throwing a frisbee, dinner with friends,

cooking, baking, doing your art, reading the newspaper

or spending time outdoors.

Maybe it is catching up with a friend, window shopping

or taking a drive beyond the hustle and bustle of the city.

There are some of you reading these suggestions, who

suddenly realize you have no idea what would bring a sense

of rest to their lives.

This is your soul waving a white flag beckoning you to

try some rest on for size.

Start by writing down a few activities you enjoy doing.

What brings a face and soul smile to you after you have

spent time doing it?

If it is a nap, embrace it.

Naps bring me countless joy!

Take a few moments and

ask yourself:

  • when was the last time I carved out time for rest?
  • what does rest look and feel like to me?
  • what makes my whole being smile?

Pick one way you like to rest or choose one of my suggestions

and write on a post-it note:

This week I will take time to rest by ________________________.

Stick the note someplace visible to remind yourself.

Feel free to post a note in the comments about how you are

choosing to rest this week.

Let’s encourage one another to be brave in resting.

I will start the comments with

how I am pursuing rest this week.

Tomorrow we will starting digging

holes to deposit rest.

Join me?!



dumpster diving

dumpster diving


relinquish (verb):

to give up (something)
to give (something, 
such as power, control, or possession)
to another person or group


Just to be clear, this post is for me.

I have tried to write this post for a couple of weeks but each time

I attempt, I am hit squarely between the eyes with the

subject matter again.

Relinquish is my word for 2014.

At the moment, there is constant pounding of diligent roofers

displaying their handiwork on our outdated house covering.

I stepped out to give our dog her necessary outdoor time and missed

the plumber.

( I don’t use this space to rant but I questioned why it was fine for Carl
to wait 2 hours this morning for him but he couldn’t wait 5 minutes for me?)

End of rant!

We have been anxiously awaiting taking showers again especially during

another heat wave.

An hour before, the Fed Ex man delivered a replacement for

my car’s side mirror which was anonymously smashed on Sunday.

There is a dumpster in front of our house to carry away all the debris

from this roofing project.

We have been told that there is not to be any other garbage left in the dumpster

or we might be fined.

We may or may not have chased down a man who waited until our backs were turned

to launch his doggy deposit bag in among the shingles 😉

Today I want to load up that dumpster with each thought and bad attitude

wedged in my heart, mind and mouth.

I want it driven far enough away that I am never troubled again by

my junk.

But the thing is, I do have a place to go and unload all my garbage.

A place where it doesn’t matter what category of rubbish, I won’t pay a fine

because someone has already paid the most costly price.

I can toss all my terse words and thoughts right at the foot of the Cross.

I can admit once again how little control I possess over my days.

I can express that this reality makes me cross.

The only way to relinquish is to give up my desire to control

and give away the control to someone else.

Up up and away!

When I am tired, hot and overwhelmed, relinquishing

even an inch seems impossible and not one

part  fair.

Today, the plumber is the boss of me and my time.

I have allowed him to make me feel like I am a hostage

when my unwillingness to bend my agenda hides

the key from unlocking peace in my life.

I can either kick and scream about this fact or

I can submit to the obvious.

Some days I will need to wait.

Simply typing these sentences helps me to relax

and breath out.

I wonder if relinquishment is a kissing cousin of rest.

We surrender to our need to rest.

We give up our busyness and cease doing.

Relinquishment is letting our heart, mind

and soul be at rest on behalf of someone or

something else.

Well, the plumber is here.

He is all sweaty and red in the face and I

feel shards of my craziness being launched

to the place where garbage can land and

never be seen or mentioned again.

Grace and thankfulness take up residence

where control had waged domination.

Oh how I am desiring for relinquishment

and rest to reign!