the fine art of procrastination

the fine art of procrastination



Yesterday marked one of the last two days in my month-long book series.

The end was in sight so  what did I do?

I procrastinated.

I decided to take a personality quiz on Facebook that would tell me

what I already know,

on the Myers-Briggs spectrum, I am an INFJ.

No surprise as each time I have taken the long version

of the test, my results creep higher and higher on the introversion


But quizzes on Facebook are not a complete time waster because

although I knew my type was rare, I didn’t know how rare.

Only 3% of the population is this personality type some

studies suggest closer to 1.5%.

It makes me feel a bit lonely.

But then I read that Barack Obama is my type.

So goodness, the sky is the limit for me.


I won’t let a personality type be the boss of me,

but it does give me more insight into my ways and

some much-needed grace.

So instead of writing one of the last two posts,

I was watching TED talks on creativity and

one on introversion.

I should have been writing,

I should have been putting

the finishing touches on Caleb’s Halloween costume

but I sat in my chair immovable.

It might be worth mentioning that

I am the worst costume maker in the land and even

though this fact rears its mean-spirited head every

October, it doesn’t entice me to start early,

it causes me to fret and then panic.

Since I am quite adept at procrastinating,

the rest of life caught up with me and there was now

no time to sit and do what I should have been doing.

Tomorrow the calendar leaves October,

the ever-lovin’ costume will be thrown in a corner in favor

of unwrapping candy loot and I believe there is

still one more post in me.

I think I can.

I think I can.

I will be opening up my virtual gift bag and extending

to you my parting book offerings.

But until then, if you have 20 minutes, watch (or listen

as you multitask) this brilliant TED Talk by Susan Cain

the author of Quiet.

It’s about introversion, school, work, books and will

make you laugh and think.

Until tomorrow:

Do you know your Myers Briggs personality type?