Writing has always been such a joy to me.

My earliest memories were of practicing my handwriting.

As a middle school girl, I changed my handwriting weekly.

I love fonts.

I love words.

I have always loved writing notes and letters.

My greatest joy is when what is written is just right.

Just right can only come from One.

This blog is written for one and One.

A Work of Heart is my writing devoted to One.

These are writings that originate from One.

That is why my tagline is Fresh Ink From Above.

I just want to be the tangible fingertips.

I also write for one.

The one person who finds themselves in a post.

The one person who needs to not feel alone.

The one person who needs encouragement.

The one person who needs to be reminded because maybe they have forgotten…

whatever it is that has been lost.

I used to be consumed with comments.

I still like them…don’t get me wrong.

But God has reminded me that I write for one.

The one that might never type a single letter but has

been touched by a word from One.

He knows you…the one that He loves.

That is more than enough.


2 thoughts on “ONE

  1. Sharon says:

    I am tearing as I read these words which are evidently from the heart. What you express resonates with what I feel is my calling. God has revealed to me what my role should be to those I come into contact with. That is uplifting them. Helping them find clarity in situations that they are going through.

    Stay Blessed!!!


  2. Sharon,
    You have blessed me this day beyond words.
    I pray that you will embrace the calling that only you can fulfill thus
    glorifying the Father.
    I am glad that God has confirmed the deep places to you today!
    Thanks for reading!


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