a pause

a pause

Hello friends,

There won’t be a Monday post this week. I woke up on Saturday and literally lost my voice and it hasn’t returned as I type this on Sunday.

This blog has always been about paying attention, I have decided to obey my physical reality and not push into crafting words this week.

But I am not going silent, I am taking time to continue to grieve as well as be bolstered by the responses I see around my city, state, country, and the world. I have watched footage of a single person from a small community lifting a sign as an act of protest and support for Black lives and watched as others joined him, in solidarity. But it would not be the full story without mentioning he received plenty of harsh reactions and gestures before he was joined with others.

Speaking up is costly and as each day passes, we must decide if our voices will be as pronounced when it is joined with many or if we will continue even as a chorus of one.

I am hopeful that the choir will continue with wide open mouths.

Until next week,


4 thoughts on “a pause

  1. Do you follow Jo Saxton at all? She is talking with us on Instagram this week on her live feed about using, finding your voice. It is so good. Just thought I would share. I think she is posting them in her feed as well this week both on Instagram and Facebook.

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  2. Hi Janet!
    I never come away from any time listening to Jo or reading her words without deep impact occurring. She is definitely one to lead during this time.


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