joy in a mason jar

joy in a mason jar

It seems like a faraway memory but it was only a few weeks ago, when I

gathered the family around our patio picnic table to feast.

At the time, it seemed too hot to cook, so I robbed all the chilly morsels

from our refrigerator, added a few items from the store

and grabbed a couple of bunches of flowers.

We circled bread around the table, wpid-20150610_191531.jpg

fist bumped while reaching toward plates in unison,


our eyes devoured the array of colors before a single bite,


inside jokes usher contagious giggles


and gulps of both sweet and tart coolant will always be a distant second

to the refreshing joy of family.

We cleared the table, marveled at the effectiveness of a dollar store fly zapper

and shuffled a deck of card to end the night.


At day’s end, this vase of store-bought flowers flanked the empty table.

Then the real heat hit Oregon.

As Carl and I limped past the table to spray water upon our grass

known as straw and our heat stroked flowers,

the mason jar flowers stood tall.

Our dinners were held before oscillating fans and every once in a while,

I would spy an inch of water in the jar and fill it.

It is not an exaggeration that I survive the heat and little else.

It never occurred to me to bring the flowers inside to be enjoyed

in our house known as the sauna.

After 3 weeks,the flowers were placed among

the compost heap.

Two bunches of flowers whisper to me,


in the harshest and most unbearably hot seasons,

joy remains.


By a slip of my pinky finger (I blame the heat),
I pressed publish before this post was finished
and (shudder) or edited.
Oops…sorry email subscribers!

Instead of what I had originally planned for this post,
this Friday (and hopefully subsequent Fridays),
I will post my 5 small joys of the week.

Until Friday,

Seek joy.

Embrace joy.

Believe in joy,

even when it seems like a faraway memory.

8 thoughts on “joy in a mason jar

  1. Cher,
    Thank you.
    I know time around the table is a rich blessing in this season for
    you and your family!
    Bless your chats and munching at table side.


  2. Cornelia,
    Joy is a very good mantra isn’t it?!
    I have been loving your summer kids series.
    I am going to check out that waterfall you wrote about soon!


  3. Beautiful table, beautiful thoughts. Lovely to see how my family is dining in this hot summer.


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