What I Learned in February

What I Learned in February


February is nearly a memory. I am linking up again with Emily at chatting at the sky
to recount what we learned during this short month.
I have been quite absent from this space but perhaps after you meander
through this list you will understand why the shortage of written words.

  1. It is important to say out loud who you are.
    I am starting a new job on Monday 🙂
    Although writing my resume was a challenge,
    the interview process was also difficult because
    you must talk about yourself. That’s the point, right?
    When you take time to sit and think about yourself and
    your accomplishments, a powerful wave of
    acknowledgment takes place.
    It is not about becoming inflated with pride,
    instead it is a necessary reminder of identity
    and place in this world. It’s all about
    recognizing your gifts and giving thanks to the
    One who sprinkled them over your life.
    I was out of practice in speaking about myself.
    I had forgotten parts of my personal history.
    I am so glad to be reminded.
    This weekend, take a sheet of paper and start
    compiling your experiences, your accomplishments
    and what makes you who you are. It might take
    more than one attempt to let your mind expand
    and roam. Then here’s the challenge, find one
    person to share one detail unknown to them.
    Speak forth who you are.
  2. I need to make root beer floats more often.
    One way we celebrated this new job was to have
    root beer floats after our traditional Pizza Friday.
    I forget how much I enjoy this simply delicious treat.
  3. I love my Timehop app.
    If you aren’t familiar with this app, through the
    magic of technology, this app tracks any activity on social
    media over the last 5 years and reminds you what you posted.
    I knew I had given up coffee awhile ago but thanks to Timehop
    now I can remember the exact date.Screenshot_2015-02-27-09-25-49
  4. There is power in a smile.
    The photo at the top of the page was taken inside Salt & Straw.
    If you are familiar with Salt & Straw, you realize the joy of being
    inside the ice cream shop and not waiting outside in line. If you
    don’t know about S & S, they sell wonderful sweet and savory
    ice cream. They are local to the Portland area but now have a
    shop in Los Angeles.
    Carl and I spent Valentine’s Day poking our heads into shops
    and restaurants along streets we normally race past in our cars
    and don’t have time to stop and linger. We decided to embrace
    standing in line at Salt & Straw. We didn’t mind the 35-40 minute
    wait as the weather was perfect and we were not in any hurry.
    This is Paige, looking downcast as she hands a customer a sweet taste
    upon the cutest little metal spoon.
    We didn’t know this was her name until it was our turn.
    So let’s get to our turn.
    (Recall lesson #1, for the sake of imparting a lesson, I will share.)
    Carl and I walked up, smiled and said hello.
    Nothing unusual, really our normal style.
    Paige stopped and stared at us.
    Then to me, she said,
    “You have the warmest, most genuine smile.”
    Looking at Carl, she said,
    “You both do.”
    We gushed, thanked her and  quickly gave her our sample
    requests because you know, people are waiting for their turns.
    She handed us heaping spoons and continued chatting with us.
    She explained she had been having the worst day and her co-workers had been trying
    to cheer her up but nothing was working until we walked up.
    We spoke with her for a few moments between yummy bites and making our
    official flavor decisions. We exchanged names and she gave Carl the
    biggest two scoop waffle cone either of us had ever seen.
    Paige was so delighted she kept piling on the ice cream and was
    giving Carl a free waffle cone as well.
    She continued thanking us and expressing how we had lifted her day.
    But in reality, when she smiled back at us, it made our days as well
    and we were able to see how gorgeous she was. Truly.
    She dubbed us Sunshine & Sunshine as we made our way out to
    the crowd beyond ice cream heaven.
    As we left the line behind us, we were treated to this view:
    wpid-20150214_174450.jpgSmile at everyone you meet.
    You may be the key to elevating their day.
    Oh and yes, eat more ice cream too 😉

What did you learn during February?



14 thoughts on “What I Learned in February

  1. First: root beer floats! I haven’t had once since last summer but now I totally want one! Second: I really enjoyed the ice cream story! I am guilty of treating the person behind the counter as a robot sometimes, instead of remembering that they are real people who have all sorts of things going on in their life.


  2. Deirdra,
    “Faith in myself through the eyes of others” I love that insight.
    What a blessing to have people who can hold up a mirror and give
    you a sacred glimpse.
    Thanks so much for taking time to share your thoughts with me.


  3. Chelsea,
    Root beer floats can bring a smile any day, don’t you think?
    Judging by your picture, you haven’t a worry about brightening someone’s
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


  4. MARTIE!
    Thanks so much for stopping by.
    I am certain by all the traveling you do
    and all the lives you touch, your smile has
    touched and healed many.
    Bless you friend!


  5. Tarissa,
    Hooray for ice cream, right?!
    Thanks for much for stopping by. I knew I would love your blog with the
    two words, introverted mama. Love it.
    I am starting a new job this week and hoping a smile can alleviate the nerves.
    Bless you!


  6. Helen, I’m so glad you stopped by my blog so I could have the blessing of reading your post! I loved what you wrote about why it’s important to say out loud who we really are — recognizing our gifts and the One who gave them to us. And my heart is warmed by the story of you and your husband smiling and the wonderful chain reaction that ensued. Also, I’ll get right on that ice cream eating assignment. You don’t have to tell me twice! 🙂


  7. Loved your writing about the power of the human connection. Smiling both with your eyes but also your heart blesses those who are able to see beyond the moment to the gift that is waiting for them to accept.


  8. I’m all about the root beer floats! I’ll be adding that to my list. And I loved the experience you had at S&S. I hope I can brighten someones day the way you described her. 🙂


  9. Seeing that moment through your eyes made me smile! Life brings us such beautiful moments ❤ What February brought me is faith in myself through the eyes of others…thank you for asking and making me think about that.


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