Yesterday I unloaded a trunk and backseat full of bags of clothing and miscellaneous
items to Goodwill. I am determined to unburden my home and life from having
so much stuff. To be honest, my closet is quite bare but to me, it is gorgeous.
Instead of a crammed full line-up of every shape and color of apparel, it now
has space to exhale. I mean. if clothes were to take a breath, it would be easy.
I however am breathing a welcome sigh of relief.
So I have been keeping my house and suddenly remembered,
I wrote this post more than a week ago and never finished
the editing or posting it, which from the title, it is easy to see
this topic has been on my mind.


It’s a new year for A Work of Heart.

I have enjoyed blogging in this space for the past 8 years

and although many speculate the future of blogs,

I plan to continue until I am obsolete!

That being said, I have been thinking a lot

about the look and  feel of this blog.

I have been reading a book about tidying up

and one of the many principles as it relates

to the “things” in our lives is to consider what

sparks joy.

Here is my attempt to tidy up my blog:

  • My hope is to add new content once a week.
    Unless I feel an undeniable nudge to
    post a blog series, expect to see one
    post at the most each week.
  • I love and appreciate your comments
    here on the blog and on Facebook. Please
    do check back if you have left a comment
    as I do reply.
  • Occasionally a friend will email me and tell
    me about ads appearing below a given post which
    are offensive. This bothers me on many fronts
    but especially since I have a few young readers.
    I will be changing my site soon.
    I have wanted to move away from a free site
    for years but haven’t taken the plunge mainly
    due to some of the nightmares I have heard
    other bloggers experience…mainly losing
  • One of the ways I hope to not lose any one
    of you precious followers is to
    begin a quarterly newsletter. If my blog site
    change was not seamless and I lost anyone
    in the transition, I could easily contact you
    by newsletter.
    My newsletter would contain material not
    found on the blog so it would be special 🙂
    Would you be interested?
    Be on the lookout for sign-up information
    soon. Don’t you love the vagueness of the
    word “soon”.
  • I continue to be extremely grateful for each person
    who reads this blog.
    I appreciate those who have faithfully read
    for years and the new readers who
    have recently starting following this blog.
    I am closing this post with several
    posts newer readers may have missed
    and  some of the most read posts of the
    past year you might want to revisit.wpid-20150120_154626.jpg

A Work of Heart history
(grab a cup of something hot and
learn what makes me and this blog tick.
If you read nothing else of this series,
read the last post…it’s my heart cry
for this blog.)

My most read post of 2014

How I am learning to exchange a 
death grip for a looser one on my

Detours can take you on the best trips

Encouragement while you wait

Disappointments are real and 
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups 
are really good. How I am trying
not to introduce the two anymore.

What I learned in 2014

Wherever the clutter resides in

your life,

may you find courage to hold

onto what brings joy and release

what brings you grief.

Releasing  clutter from your life

may be as

simple as changing your






4 thoughts on “housekeeping

  1. Thanks Dad!
    I am hoping that my closet doesn’t expand too much and definitely
    not where it was yesterday! Whew!
    Thanks for your supports…always!


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