The days between Christmas and New Years Day have always

had a particularly nice shine to them.

I like to plan time for reading books,

watching movies and playing


Oh and watching dozens of college bowl games as well.

I try to ignore the approaching arduous task of putting ornaments back in their

protective boxes.

Here is a line-up of books I am reading this week and in the days to come.

Some are writing books and meant to be savored in small doses.

Others are a ticket to be transported from curled up couch

position to another place and time.

One is simply practical.


Whenever I finish a book, I want to start a new one immediately.

Yet I can’t.

My mind and heart still belong to the completed book.

It usually takes a day or two to begin reading again.

Saying goodbye to a year feels the same.

As much as I am ready to start fresh once again,

I know that I will still write 2014 for weeks until

I am fully ready to begin again.

Tomorrow I will be sharing about what I learned

in 2014.

Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky shared her

list today here and invited others to link their thoughts


So until tomorrow…

may you find moments to


watch movies

and play games.

P.S.The movie Into the Woods is fabulous!



All The Light We Cannot Seethis book was on my Christmas list and I see it
on all the year-end best book lists. I am looking forward to some uninterrupted
time to experience the buzz about this book.
(Courtney, thank you for all the effort that went in to wrapping this gift for me.
I am so glad you didn’t have to wrestle anyone for this precious last copy.)

The Crack in the KingdomDespite the cover of this book and the one
preceding it (A Corner of White), it’s not about the cover but yet it is!
Personally I don’t love the covers of either. But no one consulted me 😉
I read a series of interview with famous authors sharing the authors they love.
Liane Moriarty said she loved her sister’s books and that Jaclyn was a better
writer than she. I found this so endearing.
I finished A Corner of White the afternoon of Christmas. I flew through this
book. If you haven’t, give Young Adult (YA) literature a chance.

The Sacred Year-it’s about slowing down, intention, spiritual practices,
paying attention and lessons from monks. Need I say more, I am all in.
I have had this book for several months and I am reading it slowly.

Chasing Francis-I kept seeing this title pop up in different places
and found it on a trip to Powell’s. This is a novel about a pastor of a
mega-church losing his church and his way, traveling to Italy and
learning lessons from a saint who lived 800 years ago, St. Francis
of Assisi.

On Writing-I can’t tell you how many times I have checked this out
of the library and risked fines because it is always on hold. Thankful
for a well-timed Christmas gift. (Thanks Carl.)

On Being a Writer- Ann Kroeker’s blog was one of the first I read
regularly when I began blogging. Those were days before having a
“following” was as big a deal as it is now. It was way before social
media, but Ann most definitely had a following. What I remember most was that
no matter how insignificant any comment I made on her blog, she would
always respond. There is a special kindness in Ann and I was overjoyed
to learn she had co-written a book about sustaining a writing life.

Still Writing-I am enjoying reading small chunks each day of this book
on the perils and pleasures of the creative life.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up-I am tired of the treadmill
of tidying up and never seeing any lasting change. I am so hopeful
there is another way. I will let you know 🙂


4 thoughts on “reading…

  1. Karen, thanks for the persistence on trying to leave
    a comment! Let me know about Ireland, the book I mean 😉
    I may have to compile a list for the blog of favorite books
    in different genres…great idea!

    It is always a great resolution to read more. I am hoping to read more
    and decrease some television viewing!


  2. Continue writing. If this doesn’t work, you may not hear my comment today! Anyhow, I would LOVE a summary of all the books you have recommended over the years, in categories: spiritual, novels, YA novels, etc. THEN, I would have enough books to choose from for the rest of my life. Really. Ahhhhhh. SO my resolution is to read more this year. TO be intentional about it. I love how you have like 6-8 books going at one time. HOW do you do that? OK, done. It’s a lovely day for reading and I just started a novel about Ireland, called Ireland,. I will let you know, but so far I love it.


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