darkness and light

darkness and light



This was my view when I entered our bathroom this morning.

It wasn’t a staged photo opportunity.

It simply was the pile of supplies used during the course of yesterday to treat

a child battling a cold.

I had just finished calling the school to document his absence

when I noticed the candle’s close proximity to the medication line-up.

Choose Happiness.

My word for 2014 is relinquish.

This word has taught me many lessons over these past 11 months.

Although the word relinquish seems to float effortlessly off

my tongue, I have choked on this word a fair amount.

The photo above illustrates what I have come to know deeply.

Our days are littered with opportunities

to relinquish,

to yield,

to give up,

to release our hold

on circumstances that careen

into our paths.

But there is always the possibility of reaching

towards the light hovering next

to every situation.

For me to live a life of relinquishment

requires making incremental adjustments

throughout the course of my day.

If I don’t learn how to yield even

in the smallest

areas of my life,

when the big stuff comes,

(and it will come),

I will succumb to holding on with a death grip.

My small area today is a sick Caleb,

throwing the balance of my

day’s plans out of alignment.

I can choose to care with love or

I can care with an attitude.

Have you ever taken care of someone with

a poor mental mindset?

Has someone cared for you with a

crummy mood?

If not, I am sure we can all use our imaginations

as to how this might look or feel.

When I exercise relinquishment,

I don’t always have to prove I am right.

I don’t always have to have the last word.

I don’t have to demand the answers

to my questions this very minute.

I can choose to give someone the right of way,

literally and figuratively.

While driving, I can pause and give an oncoming car

the right of way.

Yet I often speed up believing if I am

faster, I’m not really impeding their journey, right?

Perhaps relinquishing isn’t about choosing

the path of happiness but rather the  bumpy cobblestone

road leading to peace.

Romans 12 is a chapter I revisit often whenever

I feel out of alignment.

When I pour over the words,

many verses help define relinquishment.

Although I fail so often in this way, this year an arrow

has pointed to this verse as one way to relinquish.

 If it is possible,
as far as it depends on you,
live at peace with everyone.

Romans 12:18

Often it is easy to choose the right way to behave,

the hard part is doing it with a peaceable attitude and heart.

Each day there will be boxes of difficult circumstances

jutted up against a beacon of light leading the way,

a better way called relinquishment.

It’s not a call to ignore my feelings which

undoubtedly will surface,

because that would be pointless and dishonest.

It is a call to step back and lead with love,

with patience,

with eyes beyond my own desires.

It calling to memory that each moment

is not all about me.

Some days it is all about taking temperatures and

reminding a boy he is cherished and not a bother.

It’s about offering him a cup of cold Vitamin Water given

with love in His name.


Despite the example,
Caleb is the dearest of patients,
full of thank you’s and appreciation.
His mother…well that is another post
for another day 🙂


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