a weekend thought

a weekend thought



I didn’t mean to disappear last week.

I will finish up this series next week.

It should come as no surprise that we have

books all over our house.

At times it gets a bit ridiculous especially

when I bring home a small stack from the library

to add to the piles.

I read the most interesting article this week.

At first it made me shudder but it also made

me think so differently about the books I house

on my shelves.

I haven’t formulated my final opinion but i might

implement some of the actions.

Over the weekend, I hope you get a chance to read

a good book, sip on the hot beverage of your choice

and if you have a moment, read this piece on

book sentimentality.

I would love to know your thoughts.

Breaking the Sentimental Attachment to Books

Books I am reading this weekend:

The Secret Zoo (for boys book club)

The True Secret of Writing

The Skinnytaste Cookbook
(one of my favorite food blogs finally
has all the goodness in hardcover.

Happy Reading!

 This post is apart of the 31 days…yet again series
about books. You can find the entire series here.

One thought on “a weekend thought

  1. Hi Helen!

    I have loved your love for books and the way you write about them! However, I also liked the link about simplifying by letting go of books. I have had most of my books in storage for about 5 years while we have moved and remodeled, and are now building the garage/studio. I know where some of the books will go when they are unpacked, but not all. I am planning on purging. And by that, I mean making choices, so the books I have are the ones I really love and would refer to, or lend to others to read. I have tons of children’s books, from being a teacher and just because I love them. But I will keep only the best ones and donate the others. Harder are books I’ve held on to since college… but I just like not having as much on my shelves and in my house. I think this is one of the hardest purge items, and I think I have been avoiding it… although I did get rid of some of my dad’s books. My “secret” was to take pictures of the spines, so if I ever wanted to know what I gave away, I would have the titles. Another hard one are all the books I’ve bought that I want to read… this category tends to make me feel guilty, so… why have all the guilt. Again, I will really think this through and only keep books I KNOW I want to read, and only say ONE shelf! Ha! The last thing is, I think the reason I’ve held onto books is a sort of keeping of my own history–oh, I read that when…, or I studied that book for that class…. etc. I want to keep good memories, not negative ones, and I just want to have less stuff (for my son to deal with later!). So, I’ve already written a way long post…. you can tell this is a hot topic for me. I’m one of those people who has thought I would never get rid of my books, but I actually feel good about simplifying. It won’t be 20 books, however! (Like the article.) But, a contained amount. Books are not people! (This is a reminder to self!)
    Love you,
    Oh, and I LOVE the feel of books too, and especially the illustrations and covers–that is part of my satisfaction with books… love children’s picture books…I will keep my favorites and donate others to schools, friends.


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