ways to read more books

ways to read more books


Most people want to read more.

Many people feel guilty they don’t read at all.

You don’t have to feel this way any longer.

I have several tips to bring reading back into your daily reality.

  • Pick a book or two

    This may seem obvious but chances are if you aren’t reading,
    it might have to do with not having a book picked out.
    Or you may have a book you have picked up several times to read
    and you can’t seem to make any progress.
    Put down that book and find another one.
    You are an adult and you will not be punished for not finishing a book
    you are not enjoying.
    Determine if you like fiction or non-fiction.
    Choose a book which interests you or one you keep hearing mentioned.
    Start with a book that is less than 300 pages.
    When you are trying to get back into a rhythm of reading, now is not the
    time to read War and Peace.
    Go to the library or to your favorite book store and look
    at the staff recommendations.
    Ask a friend what they are reading.
    Post the question to Facebook for book titles.
    Choose two books, begin one and if it doesn’t interest you,
    start the other book.
  • Be prepared and make a new habit
    I used to fill my water bottle and leave it behind on the counter
    instead of taking it in the car.
    I would walk right back my reusable grocery bags and arrive
    at the store without them.
    It took countless attempts before I developed the habit of never
    being without my water bottle and my grocery bags.
    Get in the habit of carrying your book with you.
    This is the best way to capture bonus minutes to read when you
    least expect to find any time.
    Waiting at the doctor’s office or for a child’s practice to end
    are stolen moments to sneak a few pages.
    There are any number to times when reading can be done
    instead of scrolling our phone screens.
  • Be an unspoken for time detective
    No matter how busy we are, there is always
    unspoken for time.
    It’s the time when we sit back and watch television
    or when we mindlessly click away on our computers.
    It could be when we simply procrastinate.
    Be ruthless and find those moments that don’t
    belong to anything and cash them in for reading time.
    I have heard just reading 15 minutes per day,
    an average speed reader could read 20
    books each year.
    Got 15 minutes?
    Mute the television.
    Read during commercials.
  • Drop Everything And Read
    When my daughters were in school,
    they practiced DEAR time or
    Everything and Read.
    Lately I have been 
    following this mantra while
    Caleb logs his 
    school reading minutes.
    It normally occurs 
    around the time
    I should be making dinner 
    but I try to drop everything
    and find a place to sit 
    down and read.
    It is always a struggle to drop
    everything and often I Caleb is almost finished by
    the time I sit down.
    I am working on it day by day but I am discovering
    this is a great way to sneak in a little extra
    reading time.
  • Read book blogs
    I have grown to love reading blogs
    dedicated to books.
    Some are informative and alert me to
    new books while others are just plain funny. 

    Here are a few of my favorites and
    a simple website for determining what
    book you should read next based on your
    reading history.Book Riot
    Modern Mrs. Darcy
    The Barnes and Noble Blog
    What Should I Read Next

As I write this post,
it is a dark rainy day in Portland,
Caleb’s soccer practice has been cancelled,
I know the perfect book to fill some unexpected time.

Happy Reading!

This post is apart of the 31 days…yet again series
about books. You can find the entire series here.

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