a quartet of books

a quartet of books

31 days of books has been the result a repeated question from

my friend Karen,

“Why don’t you share what you are reading?” 

Well it has taken me half of the month to get back to

the origins of this series.

Today I will share 4 books from different genres.

I will add more in the days to come.

Click the book cover for the links.


invisible girls

The Invisible Girls is a moving memoir which recounts
Sarah’s battle with breast cancer in her 20’s and a
chance encounter with a Somali refuge family and the
mostly unlikely of friendships that ensues.
This is the most brief and basic description of this book.
It is one of the most beautiful true stories of redemption
I have ever read.I am stunned I forgot to list it among
my favorite memoir posts.

I had the pleasure of hearing Sarah speak prior to reading
the book and if you ever get a chance to hear her in person,
make it happen. She lives here in Portland, Oregon.

dancing on the head of a pin

I plan to write a post on my favorite books
about the writing practice during this series.
I finished this book last week.
I have a very tender spot for Robert Benson
as he is the author of one
of my most treasured prayer books, Venite.

The thing about writing is one must write.
The problem is that if you spend too much time
trying to work your way through most writing books
you never have time to pick up a pen.
In way less than 200 pages, Robert Benson
shares lessons and gems which have guided
him along the writers path.
I am so appreciative for the way he has generously
shared from his wealth of experience and wisdom.
I came away with new and unique ways
to communicate the written word.


I read this book on Sunday. It is a
novella. I might begin to only read novellas
as it was very 
satisfying to start and finish a sweet
story on the same day.
This book was written in the 1900’s
about a woman who buys what
we would call today a book mobile from
a traveling vagabond.
A funny delightful story.

the nesting place

We live in a world where it is easy to
be discontent with our surroundings.
I must admit, I am just as prone as
anyone to look around my home and
find all the flaws.
I am positive I have never seen homes pictured
in magazines with an assortment of sports
balls under most pieces of furniture.
Nope that would be my house and the
camera crews have yet to schedule
a photo shoot.

The Nesting Place takes you gently
by the hand and helps the renter or
the homeowner embrace their homes
in its varying states of imperfection.
It’s not about perfection, it is about
making a house a home and the multitude
of ways this can be accomplished.
This would be a perfect gift for newlyweds.


What have you read recently?
This post is apart of the 31 days…yet again series
about books. You can find the entire series here.



2 thoughts on “a quartet of books

  1. Lisa!
    I am so glad you enjoyed The Nesting Place.
    I know you will devour Bread and Wine as well
    and have some great recipes to make Darren!
    I love books and giving gifts…it’s definitely a win win!


  2. I am loving The Nesting Place! But now I’ve been interrupted (in a good way) with Bread & Wine!!
    Love them both. Thank you, Helen for your wonderful book book reviews…and gifts! 🙂


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