books make us happy

books make us happy



I had the pleasure of chatting with the youngest member of the Washington family
about all things books.
Please welcome Caleb as he shares why books make him happy.

Me (aka Helen aka Mom): Hi Caleb. Thanks so much for taking time to talk to me
about books.

Caleb: Sure, anytime.

Me: Caleb, before we start talking about books. Tell me about what you like
to do.

Caleb: Well, I like to read books. (Caleb laughs uncontrollably)
I like to ride my bike, my scooter, my skateboard and do lots of sports like soccer,
basketball and football.
I play chess and like to sleep.
I also like to sleepover with friends and hang out with my family.
Oh, I like doing stop motion animation with my Lego guys.
I also like to sleep.

Me: I would guess this is why your pajamas are your favorite clothing.
(Personally I think he is still making up for not sleeping much his first two
years of life…but what do I know?)


Me: What were your favorite picture books when you were little?

Caleb: I liked the Pigeon books, Little Bear and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Me: Oh, I love Little Bear.

Caleb: I know Mom.


Me: Do you remember when you began to read on your own?
What were your favorite books?

Caleb: Nate the Great, those Fly Guy books and My Weird School.
Remember how Nate would always say, “I, Nate the Great…”?

Me: Yes and I remember you took to saying I, Caleb the Great as well.
You worked really hard to read every book in the My Weird School series.

Caleb: Yeah, I always went straight to the library computer to find the books
I hadn’t read and put them on hold.


Me: What book(s) did you enjoy having read aloud to you?

Caleb: The End of the Beginning. That book was so funny.

Me: If I didn’t know before we read that book, I knew afterwards that
you have an incredible sense of humor. The book has humor that slowly builds
as the stories unfolds and when you laughed, it made me laugh hard as well.
Then you would grab the book and 
make me let you read the funny part over again.
Of course we would start laughing all over again.


Me: Between you and your sisters, you are the undisputed champion regarding
reading book series. What is it about series of books that you like so much?

Caleb: The reason I like to read books that are in a series is that if the first book
is good, I know the second book will be even better. I don’t like the stories
to end and I like to know what happens to the characters. Why read something
else when you have a sure thing?

Me: So naturally Caleb, share your favorite book series.

Caleb: The Secret Zoo, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Strange Case 
of Origami Yoda, The Amulet Series,The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series
and Harry Potter.

Me: Caleb, if you could recommend any book to another 11 year-old,
what would it be and why?

Caleb: Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The books draw me in and they
are full of action, suspense and mythology.
They are just full of surprises.

Me: What books are you reading now?

Caleb: Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus and The Lost Hero.
And you and I are going to read another Harry Potter book together.

Me: Caleb thanks so much for talking to me about books.

Caleb: No prob.

Me: And I hope the photographer who takes your pictures when you graduate
from high school, has just as much trouble catching you in the frame!

Caleb: Mommmmmm!

This post is apart of the 31 days…yet again series
about books. You can find the entire series here.





5 thoughts on “books make us happy

  1. My newest favorite children’s book on loving kindness and friendship is A Sick Day for Amos McGee. The woodblock illustrations earned the Caldecott Medal in 2011.

    I saw it’s cover on a top 100 list of children’s books and knew it was calling my name. It will be traveling to an island in Lake Superior to a man about to become “Gramps”, my nickname for him, for the first time.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You have made my day. I am going to share this with friends and they will get tired of this funny grandmother. Love you Caleb.


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