31 days…yet again.

31 days…yet again.

Books Books Books

Oh how I love books.

Autumn is an ideal time to curl up with a book.

Twice in the last month, my friend Karen mentioned that she would love to

know some of the books I am reading.

The majority of the blogs I frequent, mark October as the month to post

31 days consecutively on a single topic.

I have taken the challenge twice.

The first time, I posted 31 times.

The second attempt, I posted a lot less.


Last year, I didn’t even attempt it.

Heavy sigh.

This time, I am a going to do a modified version of the challenge.

September is perennially a busy month for many people.

This past September seemed to take more than just a nibble out

of my energy reserves,

it took a bite and kept coming back for seconds.

I have lost a bit of my rhythm regarding posting so

I thought I would give myself a transfusion of sorts

by writing about books.

Enter 31 days of books.

The posts will be short and will contain my favorite books

and other bookish tidbits.

There will be some special guests

sharing their favorite books as well.

When life moves faster than the pace of my shorts legs

and I feel blanketed by persistent noises unending,

if I can seek out a space to read a book, even for half an hour,

I feel my spirit ease just enough to take a full breath and

resume the relentless march of life.

May these 31 days help you find ways to

cozy up with a good book.

Perhaps you will discover a book to explore or even a gift

idea for your favorite book lover.

So bring on the books.

I hope you will join me and perhaps even share some

of your favorite books along the way.

I am quite sure this in not what you had in mind Karen.
But I hope you will enjoy how fully I am going to answer
your question 😉





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