the seeds finding their soil home later than ideal,

the dog believing the leaves (which grew

from those late arriving seeds)

were her personal, irresistible snack

and all those

careening soccer balls treating

the stems (missing leaves) as if they were goalposts

for an invisible net.

The first flower emerged.

Somehow the watering,

the sunshine and

the feeding of the soil outweighed the daily assaults.

Struggle couldn’t obliterate the promise.

So remember today,

if only for a moment,

it is never too late.

The blows and the bites

from the outside will not

take you down.

Despite the daily toll,


Allow yourself to be





the sun to

canopy you with strength.

You will bloom.


You will see.

A day is rooted in your future

when eyes will land upon you

and reflect on the effort

required and the fortitude needed

to keep your spine straight.

We will bask and

be changed because

we shall behold  beauty.


He has made everything beautiful in its time.
He has also set eternity in the human heart; 
yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.
Ecclesiastes 3:11

2 thoughts on “wait

  1. Hi Helen, First of all, I’m home! (Have been for a while, since July 17.) I would love to get together! However, could you please respond to this using my new email: karenlindseth@outlook.com, as I hardly check Comcast anymore?… Also, I don’t see where I can change my email address for your blog. There is a “manage subscriptions” link to click, but once there, I don’t see where the “change email address” is located (you can change your password…) Help! 🙂 This has been the strangest summer. Second day into our road trip to the farm, we get a call that my mom had a major seizure–turned out to be a grande mal seizure… she turned purple, bit her tongue, etc. Upshot is we drove to ND, checking in frequently, and flew to LV, where we stayed for 10 days sitting vigil with mom. She is still among us… but continues to sleep more, eat less, drink less, etc…. very hard. We then flew back to ND with Kris to get our truck, spent another week and drove home. We were gone a total of like 26 days… and then I jumped into helping my friend Pam, neighbor across the street on Iowa St., who is moving to Florida. I, and many others, worked with her for 10 days and she is now on her way across country. It looks like she has also sold her house in like 2 days, if the offer goes through… we were helping with the pack/purge, but also helping with the getting the house ready to be sold stuff… So, I’ve been recuperating from that too… she left Monday…. back to “normal life”… whatever that is! So, can you please send me some possible get together days? Suggest a few, or more and let’s see if we can see each other’s faces live and in person! Love you, Karen

    Hi Karen,
    I am sending you and email right away.
    For your blog subscription, I would try this first…if you have a current blog post in your inbox, open it and look and see if there is something on the bottom regarding managing your subscription. If so, this might be the ticket.

    If not, then you might have to resubscribe.
    Just make sure you confirm the subscription and you should be all set up.
    I can remove the old subscription from this end, I believe.

    Thanks for being a faithful subscriber…on to my email dear one!


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