rest inventory-final steps

rest inventory-final steps



It’s Friday and for many a super-sized weekend as well.

I hope this week you have been able to size up rest in all its many

facets, forms and gifts.

I pray there will be a scheduled respite awaiting you,

beckoning your presence by name.

Step Four:

There are no rules.

No one is keeping score, judging or chiding

you for doing rest incorrectly.

This week I have listed many ways to rest and you might

find that not one fits your needs.

Rest in the way which brings refreshment to your soul.

The lives of children are uncluttered.

If you watch their play, they lead with their imaginations.

An adult may enter the scene and attempt to make

constructive suggestions to aid in better play.

Often the children will don puzzled expressions

and return to their brand of play.

Resurrect play into your time of rest.

Abandon the rules of adulthood and

don’t let a well-meaning person thwart your

freedom to express yourself.

Jesus welcomed children.

He welcomed rest as well.

Step Five:

Open your arms wide and embrace the moments.

Most employers don’t want you to rest and for that

matter sometimes the people you live with would

request the same.

Be brave and take time this weekend to rest.

As I have been implementing rest into my week,

I cringe at how awkward I feel mentioning

on a given Sunday I didn’t do much

of anything productive.

I am changing my lingo and standing firm in my

need to rest.

As my words have changed and I have ceased apologizing,

I have noticed others taking note and a breath.

My saying yes to rest has given others permission to do the same.

The truth is people can make our lives easier but they cannot

rest for us.

Only we can rest for ourselves.

Wrap your arms tightly around rest this weekend and share about

it next week.

You might be the catalyst for another weary soldier swinging

in a hammock the following weekend.

Hey Arianna Huffington has nap rooms for her employees,

so you never know!

You look a little tired my friend.

Rest up!



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