rest inventory-step three

rest inventory-step three



I am the type of person who takes 5 books along

for a weekend getaway.

Surprised  when not even a single page

has been opened.

I  tend to overestimate my available time.

This mindset brings me to

the next part of our inventory.

Step Three:

Avoid overload by picking a favorite.

When I carry a large tote bag of books with

me on a trip and don’t finish any of them,

all I have accomplished is to drag a heavy load with me.

It isn’t a mystery why I feel defeated by the volume of my

lack of reading.

When we pick 10 different ways we like to rest and attempt

to fit each one into a given time frame, we most likely will

fail and end up even more tired simply trying

to attempt this Herculean feat.

Pick your favorite

be it a nap,

a book,

sitting in the sun,

doing a crossword puzzle,

playing with your grandchildren,


scattering sunflower seeds,

or sneaking in a spontaneous matinée.

Pick the time.

Enjoy your favorite way to rest.

Start small and commend yourself for

the stellar care you are taking of one

of God’s favorite people…


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One thought on “rest inventory-step three

  1. I reallyenjoy the series format. Maybe it is just easy to process. Thank you and bless you.


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