rest inventory-step two

rest inventory-step two



Have you positioned a Post-It note with your marching orders

for rest in clear view?

I hope so.

If not, keep mulling over what brings rest into your hours.

Yesterday I wrote that today would be about digging holes.

To me, this is the best type of digging as it doesn’t requite gloves or a shovel

or even dirt for that matter.

Step Two:

Scour your week’s calendar for holes.

Whether you manually fill out a paper calendar or one resides

on an electronic device or you use a combination of the two,

assess the week ahead.

Is your weekend extra full or does it resemble a land of wide open spaces?

Will it be necessary to find rest in small time segments or

do you have the option of most of a day?

Each week will look differently.

Decide what type of activities you would like to add to your calendar

pertaining to rest.

Enter it into your calendar as a necessary appointment.

Think you might forget?

Schedule a reminder in your phone.

Some weeks, you might be able to schedule a round of golf whereas

another week may only allow a putting green, a driving range

or grabbing the putter and hitting the ball from each end of your living room.

I am not seeing a lot of unfilled squares on my calendar for the next month.

I can either acknowledge this reality with a sigh and a sense of dread or

I can accept this busy season and make a plan.

I carry a book with me so if I am surprised by unexpected time,

I can read a few pages.

I am preparing simple meals and I am saying no to adding one more item

on my full plate.

I am also trying to not look at multitasking as a virtue.

There will be weeks when you don’t have a spare moment.

Might I suggest doing one thing at a time?

Drive without the headset and the radio on.

Watch a television show without checking emails at the same time.

Lower the volume on the music playing so you are not yelling

to be heard in conversation.

I wonder if we are exhausted at day’s end because

we never let our brains (as intricate and wonderful as they are)

ever take a break.

I like listening to podcasts while I cook dinner.

If I have cooked without burning myself or something in the

oven and fully heard the recording,

even though my mind is engaged, I feel at rest.

However if after several minutes, I realize I haven’t heard a single

word, it is time to turn off the podcast

due to my mind being weary.

Zoning out doesn’t equal rest,

it reveals fatigue.

Check your calendars and find some resting

spots to land on this week.


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