rest inventory-step one

rest inventory-step one


I love compiling and reading lists.

I find myself in a perpetual rush

and often quickly skim lists

without truly absorbing the information.

I tend to write about the need for rest at the end of the week,

but I thought it would be beneficial to begin

thinking (dreaming) about it early in the week.

Let’s take an inventory this week to make

the pursuit of rest a reality.

You may or may not be like me in your list perusing

and prone to skip steps to get to the pay-off,

regardless, let’s take each part of the rest inventory list

one by one,

day by day.

Think of it as bite-sized daily assignments as we creep

closer to the weekend.

Plus it will keep each post shorter and to the point.

Step One:

Define what rest looks and feels like to you.

To me, rest resembles time spent refueling my soul.

I like to read, watch movies, take naps, play games, walk

and catch up on my ever-growing pile of magazines.

I like to write if it feels full of ease and empty of tension.

Rest could be throwing a frisbee, dinner with friends,

cooking, baking, doing your art, reading the newspaper

or spending time outdoors.

Maybe it is catching up with a friend, window shopping

or taking a drive beyond the hustle and bustle of the city.

There are some of you reading these suggestions, who

suddenly realize you have no idea what would bring a sense

of rest to their lives.

This is your soul waving a white flag beckoning you to

try some rest on for size.

Start by writing down a few activities you enjoy doing.

What brings a face and soul smile to you after you have

spent time doing it?

If it is a nap, embrace it.

Naps bring me countless joy!

Take a few moments and

ask yourself:

  • when was the last time I carved out time for rest?
  • what does rest look and feel like to me?
  • what makes my whole being smile?

Pick one way you like to rest or choose one of my suggestions

and write on a post-it note:

This week I will take time to rest by ________________________.

Stick the note someplace visible to remind yourself.

Feel free to post a note in the comments about how you are

choosing to rest this week.

Let’s encourage one another to be brave in resting.

I will start the comments with

how I am pursuing rest this week.

Tomorrow we will starting digging

holes to deposit rest.

Join me?!



3 thoughts on “rest inventory-step one

  1. Oh it is a busy holiday weekend coming up!
    This week I will take time to pursue rest by working on my art journal for an e-course
    I am doing.


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