monday line-up

monday line-up



One of my favorite parts of our home is our living room mantel.

It is quite long and deep in dimension.

I tend to change the view more often than just seasonally.

The six weeks comprising the month of May and the two weeks before

school ends feel like a manic sprint.

I decided to place my ducks front and center.

I need to remind myself that this is the only place where

“my ducks are all in a row”!

I can feel myself breathing rapidly and more shallow.

I wake up with sore muscles as if my sleeping has been

more work out than restful.

I know the pace I am trying to keep but I fear I will stumble

off the back of this treadmill of events and tasks.

I have to-do lists scattered everywhere including the one

ever-lengthening in my head.

Do you feel the same?

Did the dawn of Monday carry more a sense of dread

than anticipation?

I think it is time to take an inventory.

I am not talking spring cleaning of closets and drawers.

It is the perfect time to take a rest inventory.

I will write about this important assessment later this week,

so please come on back.

Leave the ducks on the mantel where they belong

and banish them from residing in your expectation.



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