when sabbath looks like a puppy

when sabbath looks like a puppy


We abandoned our plates of steaming mixed-up eggs

and puckered ribbons of turkey bacon when the first speckled

puppy came into view.

At first we peered through our window as if we 

were puppies in a pet shop begging for an owner.

Then we opened our front door and ran down the

stairs as fast as our stocking feet would carry us.

A small crowd descended from all directions of

our neighborhood and cars carrying smiling passengers would slow

but continue to their destination.

Eye contact was fleeting as none of us were the main attraction.

Our attention was firmly placed on wobbly paws and enchanting eyes.

Oh the licks and the pretend bites and the tunnels they

made of our legs compelled us to attempt to contain their wiggling

skin in our arms.

Play fighting and the hazards of curbs created

their own brand of peril.


We call out our favorites which change with each a flick of a

tail or a blue-eyed gaze imparted.


Time  evaporated.

The to-do list can wait.

The time for eating has lost its turn.

Puppies play.

We are entranced.


An under-the-weather boy regained his strength.

Sometimes the Sabbath looks like a puppy.

You might feel you are peering through a window with your nose

pressed upon it hoping that you can summon yourself to leave

the familiar constraints of busyness.

Why does rest seem inconceivable when it should be second nature?

The Sabbath invites us to draw back the curtains allowing the

rising and setting sun to warm our faces.

It’s a gift to close a door on the other six days and

prop open a screen door for play to visit for one day.

It’s not designed to enhance our attachment to watches

or cell phones.

It’s a call to sharing a meal and sometimes

even letting the contents of the plate grow cold

because your heart beckons you to more satisfying feast.

Why not put the car in park for a while?

It’s about losing time yet gaining your soul.

It’s being reminded we are all God’s favorite and He won’t

ever change His mind.

He has issued an invitation to seek rest and delight

and let work simply cease.

How often we forget that God enjoys

seeing His children tumble into the

warm sweet spot of joy.

Some days it is all about getting your face licked by

a creature with fur whose chief delight is to play.

May your Sabbath look just like a puppy.

May you take one day each week to rest

and play with great abandon.

***My dear dad had such perfect timing
sending me a guide for the Sabbath
and play given 
during a church’s sermon.
You will find it under  A Helping Hand
under the menu at the top of the blog.

Thanks Dad!

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