the best kind of promotion

the best kind of promotion


This past weekend there was a conference in Austin, Texas called the IF: Gathering.

The purpose being to gather women of the next generation to take  steps

in believing God.

I stumbled upon some of the re-aired talks while being snowed in this weekend.

I didn’t hear all of them but those who I heard were  passionate and humble.

Their next step is to equip women in reading the Word, knowing God and walking in

Watch here:

Monday through Friday there will be a brief passage (currently they are going through the book of John), 3 questions to ask yourself or journal and then a less than 3 minute video
of two women discussing what they saw afresh from the day’s verses.

Simply go here and submit your email and you will receive each day’s entry.

You can also read and view the previous entries as well.

I started this week and the last two days have given me pause when I think about John the


With new eyes, I saw how his purpose was like an arrow pointing to his calling.

When asked if he was the Christ, he simply said no.

How easily he could have said no BUT he’s my cousin.

It’s easy to name drop, attempting to stack up our worth or position by listing who we know.

John simply stated the facts and kept on pointing towards Christ and away from himself.

Perhaps on days when I feel particularly scattered and overwhelmed, maybe I have

abandoned my purpose.

Is my arrow bent or pointing towards me instead of Jesus?

What is detracting or distracting me from being one who prepares the way?

Today’s reading began with John’s disciples encountering Jesus and following Him.

I suspect the two disciples immediately followed Jesus not only because John

declared his Name when he arrived but I am positive they had heard volumes about Jesus.

John’s solitary message to his disciples and anyone else in his line of sight was

to promote Jesus.

Does all my speech promote Christ?

In my volume of words, do I speak well of others?

I wonder if I spoke so highly of a friend to another friend, when they met,

based on my estimation, would they become friends?

Am I secure enough if they chose to “follow” them more than me?

John was secure in his identity knowing that Christ would increase and he would decrease.

Paving the way for Christ meant John’s dinner table would be less crowded than Jesus’.

May we ever remember who we are by embracing whose we are.

We can find our priceless identity fully in the pages of His Word.

There are so many treasures to be found on tissue paper pages and these

days on screens of all sizes.

What’s stopping you?

Check out IF: Equip if you need a little nudge to get between the pages.***

***Bonus points if you can find the video where Christine Caine laughs

about what Christy Nockels calls John the Baptist 🙂

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