sitting and thinking

sitting and thinking

Sitting in a chair gingerly and determined to empty out the multitude

of items which have been ping ponging around my mind for quite some time.

I am sitting carefully because an old injury flared up this week.

Let’s just say that someone finally unlocked the last Zumba routine

on the family Wii.

Let’s also say that this brought so much joy to  this person, they decided they

were Charo.

Does that date me?

Okay I pretended that I had Shakira’s hips.

I don’t often wish to be  in my 20’s but today I would just ask for my joints back.

Pretty please.

The other side effect of Zumba is I now hear a soundtrack in my mind when I am

awake and when I sleep.

It’s all in Spanish.

Zumba might be a cheaper solution than Rosetta Stone.

Don’t ever believe that writing isn’t sometimes painful 🙂

Thinking about how a salad cured me of my phobia of quinoa.

I have had this “issue” with quinoa over the years.

I knew all the arguments about it being a healthy grain and full of protein.

Super nutrition in a serving of quinoa, but I could not get over what

it looked like.

It was the case of quinoa’s appearance resembled something unpleasant from

my childhood.

Nothing horrible in the least but nonetheless, the mere sight of white quinoa gave

me the creeps.

Until this salad entered the picture and I have put that vision behind me.

I used red quinoa and this helped tremendously.

I know, this sounds so silly but it was a roadblock.

Ever been in that place?

Here is the recipe for an incredibly delicious salad or

as I like to call it my healthy fear busting salad...heh heh.

Thinking about PB2.

Have you heard of it?

It is 100% natural peanuts which are ground and pressed, taking the majority

of the oil out, resulting in a fine powder.

PB2 has all the great peanut butter taste with a fraction of the calories and fat.

You can add water to make a peanut butter consistency or as a dressing like in the

salad above.

I have put it in my smoothies and it works wonderfully.

I believe there is a chocolate peanut butter flavored version as well.


Thinking about the theme  of most of the fiction I read last year.

I read more fiction which was my hope and plan.

I read a lot of traditionally YA (young adult) books and

books dealing with illness.

I wonder if it is important to read about topics which narrow and broaden

our lens.

From my vantage point, I am inhabited with young people.

My direct line of sight and in my periphery has people who are

dealing with illness in all its many forms and intricacies.

It is easy to shy away from reading about hard topics but in this

case, they proved helpful to step into these characters lives and

to be better informed about those around me who are struggling in

all its various forms.

I am grateful to  The Faults in our Stars, The Age of Miracles, The Language of Flowers.

and Tell the Wolves, I’m Home for expanding my mind within their pages so my

encouragement can be more expansive and effective.

That’s my prayer.

I also read The End of Your Life Book Club.

A book where you know the end of the story.

In fact, we all know the end of our stories.

This book is precious.

A son and his mother read and re-read books and have


Books had always been their best way of communicating

and talking about life.

I think this is a clarion call for all of us.

Find what someone you love loves and do it with them.

It just may take your relationship to a whole new and blessed


Thinking about the fact that I want to laugh more this year.

For no reason and for great reasons.

I have intended to mention this book for ages.

I read Where’d You Go, Bernadette? this past  summer in 2 days maybe 3.

It was my favorite fiction read of last year.

It was beyond laugh out loud funny.

There is some language if I recall but the

story is so original and for those of us residing

in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with all our quirks

it will ring brilliantly true.

Speaking of laughing, I told my brother about this book

as he travels each week for work and he is always looking

for good airplane reading material.

I finally decided to send him the book a la Barnes and Noble.

I didn’t hear a word from my brother except one text message

saying we needed to talk about the book I sent him.


We celebrated Thanksgiving with my brother’s family and at end of the

evening, he again said that he needed to talk to me about that book I had

sent him, very seriously I might add.

I was a bit worried when he brought out the Barnes and Noble package

delivered to his doorstep.

I looked at the invoice.

Nothing suspect.

Then I pulled the book from the box and it was a copy of

Moby Dick.

Perhaps Barnes and Noble felt that my brother needed to read

a much longer book and a classic.

Now that is laugh worthy.

Bring on the laughs,

the books,

the healthy foods

and opportunities

to connect with the people in our lives

who need us simply to remain by their sides.

Hold the people in your lives as you would grip the

pages of your favorite novel.

Be riveted.

Settle in long enough for their voice to whisper to you

their story.

I imagine many of the best stories will never

be inked on paper.

Have you read anything laugh worthy?

I would love to know because now you know,

I wanna laugh.

3 thoughts on “sitting and thinking

  1. I love this part best :

    Hold the people in your lives as you would grip the pages of your favorite novel.

    Be riveted.

    Settle in long enough for their voice to whisper to you their story. I imagine many of the best stories will never be inked on paper.

    So good and true.

    (Enjoying your blog while on my 2a break!)


  2. Bless you Pam for even being awake enough at 2am to want to read my word.
    Thanks so much.for your comments.
    Of course the words you mentioned were not the words I had in mind to write,
    “funny” how that happens 😉


  3. I agree with you Helen! I want to laugh more. My goal is to find, Where’d you go Bernadette? this week and start to read. Sounds lovely!


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