the freshest of mornings

the freshest of mornings


I love New Year’s morning.

I love opening my eyes and hearing the distant roar of Carl watching

bowl games (the game not Carl).

He usually rises earlier than me.

Usually meaning 99.7% of the time.

Today, however, it must be a very new year as I was the first to arise and

behold the foggy morning.

I think too much merriment last night was had by all and the one-two

knock-out punch of Chinese food and chocolate fondue caused everyone even

the dog slept in.

I love feeling like the pages of my Bible are brand new and smooth.

Some years they are if I have chosen a new translation but I love

turning to Genesis 1 or whatever place I purpose to land.

I love brand new journals and calendars.

I love how even though many items in my life remain firmly in their

places from December 31st,

there still is hope squarely in the first square of January and beyond.

I am not loving the reality that increasingly there are more hard and

sorrowful events strewn near and far, but I am learning to depend on where true comfort

roams and it is not in this world.

I have done a fair amount of reflecting, dreaming and pondering over the

last few weeks of December.

I gave up resolutions many years ago in favor of pursuits.

Pursuits seem to pull me forward instead of pointing me in the direction

of failing…again.

I still am not completely sure of my 2014 word.

Do you have yours picked out yet?

My last post in these parts recounted some squeaks in our lives.

There have been more,

some out of nowhere, loved ones passing or in final stages of life.

I am learning that I can’t fix anything, I can only stay affixed, just like a stamp

on an envelope.

I assume my position on the right hand corner and give God the expanse

of the rest of the terrain.

This week, I learned that I want to be a parking lot straggler.

Sounds a bit strange, I know, but before you decide to intervene,

I will explain.

I ran into a friend in a store parking lot.

She was arriving and I was carrying bags.

I could immediately tell that despite her empty hands, she carried a load.

We stopped and hugged.

We ran down the list of our children and their comings and goings.

I kept my feet firmly planted towards hers  and in that moment of remaining,

she bypassed the litanies

we become so accustomed to reciting.

Many years ago, I had been a resident in the place of her suffering,

she couldn’t have known this as our lives were orbiting in different places in the universe.

I was fluent in the language so there was nothing lost in our translation.

I want to linger in parking lots and not miss the pain, even when it is cold or

rainy or hard.

Even when remembrance brings with it echoes of the opposite of freshly pressed


Parking lots can impart life instead of a shared drudgery if we will exhale,

slow down, remain and even be a straggler.

I will pursue being a straggler wherever my feet land me this year.

By definition, a straggler walks directly into something or wanders from a direct course or


Each one of us can walk directly in the direction of our next task or in my case,

to my car.

We could find a fresh new way.

Resolve to straggle and allow your path to collide with someone

who simply needs your unhurried presence.

I am on a pursuit to cast the word straggler in a brand spanking new light.

Will you join me?

Some more new year ramblings musings in the days ahead.

Happy New Year everyone!

I have been a straggler on this blog over the past year.

It is with much affection that I thank each one of you who have

continued to remain.

Thank you for leaving comments or sending emails to share with me

your thoughts behind the words written here.

I love knowing that we all grapple with so many of the same life issues.

Seven years ago, I wandered into the world of blogging and although I have

at times veered off the “best prescribed course to become a successful blogger”,

( and yes, there is one) 🙂

I have learned that following Him is best even if that means

less blog posts.

There is not a shortage of words online, so I count it a great

honor that you would endeavor to read my jotted down


I am ever so grateful to you all.

4 thoughts on “the freshest of mornings

  1. I don’t get to your blog on a regular basis but whenever I do I am always blessed by your words and insight. Thank you for sharing your heart with us, for your honestly and transparency in your words. You make a difference with what you write. Blessings to you for all the new year holds for you.


  2. God bless you my friend. We need to make 2014 an intentional year of closer connections. Thanks for your sharing your thoughts today.


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