I rotate two globes on our mantle.

One is more decorative in form than informative.

The second does show the world but it is quite out of date.

I bought this globe at our neighbors, Joe and Helen’s garage sale,

a few years ago.

It seems even more precious and significant to me since Helen’s death

two weeks ago.

She is the second neighbor to leave Michigan Avenue in the last couple of months.

Both Helen and Lynn were the grandmothers on our street.

We all have such fond memories.

They adopted our children and were known to spoil them with huge

candy bars at Halloween, always remembered their birthdays and kept up with all

their activities.

I can still seen Helen (in her late 80’s), hunched over, walking towards our home during

Carlen’s graduation festivities.

Carlen spotted her from the window and darted out the door to meet her, to embrace her

and have a laugh with her.

I think my affection for globes stems from my love of a particular verse:

For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His. 

I Chronicles 16: 9a

I want to land squarely in the terrain of verse 9a with a heart that is His alone.

I truly do not want to be described by what follows in verse 9b as being foolish.

I close my eyes and try to imagine the scope of God’s presence.

It is impossible for me to fathom that He is looking at me on Michigan Avenue with

my fingers flailing on my keyboard and He is also standing steadfast with those in the

Philippines, in Illinois and in Russia.

He is sitting beside those who mourn and hurt today behind closed doors and

drawn window shades.

He is whispering the echo of peace to those who wait for test results and for children

to return to the fold.

He is speaking hope to the weary and those who believe they can’t

catch a break or have run too far and fast from His grasp and grace.

However the axis of the earth rotates and shifts, God is present.

He is a sustainer in times of loss as well as in times of plenty.

We are forever in the line of sight of a watchful God who has  packed

more than enough strength for the trip.

Put a pushpin in your spot on the map.

He is there.

Stay committed to Him no matter how fast the earth seems to

spin upon its axis.

God, the axis of our world,

today and everyday.


2 thoughts on “axis

  1. I LOVE the art of Kelly Rae Roberts and was just admiring this globe a few days ago (I subscribe to her blog). AND there is a KRR show today at a gift shop in Hubbard, OR. Wanna be spontaneous and go down with me? Email me if you can. It lasts til 2p. LOVE reconnecting with you!!!!!!!!!!


  2. What a beautiful post! Thank you for the reminder of our security in the One who created this wonderful world and who NEVER leaves us!


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