the best of intentions

the best of intentions

During one of my stints in Weight Watchers,

our leader spoke about intentions.

It was the week before Halloween leading to the

season of endless treats until after New Year’s Day.

If I remember correctly, she informed the crowd that the average

person gains between 4-7 pounds during the holidays.

It is difficult to lose weight when faced with temptations lurking.

This is when she drew our attention to the word intention.

She asked each one of us to think about our intentions for the holidays.

Whatever we decided was fine, we just needed to assume ownership.

Did we want to maintain our current weight?

Would we enjoy the revolving parties of the holidays but jump

on the treadmill more often?

Or just partake in all the rejoicing and begin fresh on

January 2nd?

There isn’t a correct or best answer.

An intention is simply writing an aspiration with a

bold black Sharpie.

Often, I put my hopes in faint 8 point font.

It shouldn’t be a shocking when I don’t inch closer to

aligning myself with them.

Halloween has left in a fright and Thanksgiving and the

remaining line-up wait in the wings.

I thought I would share some of my intentions and surprised

as you may be from the introduction,

they do not all revolve around food.

1. I will not wander aimlessly around Target hoping to find something I like.
Empty hands are rarely a problem for me.
I think I hit the bull’s-eye most of the time.

2. I will find suitable substitutes for items I often purchase.
For example:
Since giving up coffee, my enthusiasm for Starbuck’s London Fog (also known as a
Soy Earl Grey Tea Latte) has increased.
With a little skill, I can make them myself (close enough anyway).


I can also make the Starbucks protein bistro box.


3. I will not say yes to every social engagement this season.
I will look at our family calendar and decide if adding “just one more thing”is enough to take the fun out of celebrations and cause us to be in attendance but vacant.
Exhibit A: The blank stare and inability to open mouth to form a complete sentence.


4. I will remember what brings joy and peace to my soul and pursue them,
even if they are wrapped in tiny parcels of time.
For me that means, reading, solitude, exercise, devotional time and creating.

5. I will remind my friends not to wrap a gift for me or my family.
Our gifts to one another will come wrapped in the flesh.
The precious gift of time.
We will talk if they don’t consider that a gift 🙂

6. I will feast…just not every day.
When I do feast, it will be something special and
not dressed in seasonal packaging attempting to fool me.

7. I will not stress out about Christmas cards be they sent or not.

8. I will take pictures of the ordinary and of the merriment because they both matter greatly.

9. I will decorate with no more than half of what is stored below our stairs.
Because my friends, somehow it all has to fit right back under those stairs so quickly.
I want to remember the reason for the season but I also want to see it clearly without so much stuff.

10. I will play Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving.
I will play it loudly on the Saturday after Thanksgiving when we  road trip home from being with family.
I want my feet firmly planted in each day and season.
I know myself.
Too much, too early makes me  tired of the Christmas season.
I want to feel great joy and anticipation all of December.
I will not be rushed.
So there 😉

Call me a purist.
I like my football season in the fall and
basketball season during the winter.
Yet no one seems to be listening to me.

If you have been playing Christmas carols since the leaves started to change

their hue or are determined to collect as many red Starbucks cups as possible,

there is no judgment here.

This is a season full of choices galore.

Do you have a firm intention as you enter this holiday season?

Well do you?

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