bits of joy

bits of joy

“What’s bringing you joy?”

This was the question a precious friend  asked from across the table.

It was November 1st.

A day finally not elusive after a hard and fast September

and October.

Know the feeling, anyone?

I wasn’t confident any brain cells would communicate with another to

answer this question.

So I paused, looked around trying to summon words.

Hoping a tiny parachute might land before my eyes

with the answer.

Perhaps I was looking for the right answer.

Maybe it was painful to admit that reaching towards and for the answer was more

challenging than I had hoped or imagined.

I had been living my days according to the next task,

the next appointment,

the next item on the list.

In such a state of mind that the fun and joy that inevitable had occurred,

was squeezed out with the urgent.

After a bit of stammering, I did find a couple of things that were

joy inducing.

A bit more percolating I recalled another.

It was and is an important question.

We don’t always know the answers to every question.

It is a blessing to be in the safe company of a friend when

words fail to be summoned.

The first week of November feels a bit like a respite before the

relentless pace of the holidays firmly takes hold.

I hope to post from time to time little pieces of joy I am discovering.

I doubt they will be especially deep but that isn’t really the point.

I am always encouraging others to pay attention.

Once again, I say, pay attention and take time for joy breaks.

Today I found an expanse of sky without liquid and took

a walk.

I love my Runtastic phone app.

It keeps me on track and at a glance, I know when my mileage is low.

It also tells me how fast or in today’s case how slow I am walking.

I took some many pictures today and forgot to hit the pause button.

Next to my stats at my walk’s end was a little snail.

Point taken.

Here’s a sampling of some autumn joy found along the road:







These moments of joy brought to you by fall!



4 thoughts on “bits of joy

  1. How lovely is this? This post just hit the spot. I have been very busy lately and I don’t think that I have stopped at all to find my joy. Our fall foliage is mostly gone now and until it snows, we will have to look hard to find the joy. Maybe the joy will be in the young women I am working with everyday for awhile. God’s blessings.


  2. Thanks Mor,
    The storm that is passing through here today may leave our trees pretty empty as well.
    May you find joy as you work with others and may joy reach out and surprise you!


  3. Beautiful pics girlfriend. What joy that the vibrant colors are hugging the trees for an extended time this November.


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