welcome november

welcome november


{November desktop via Marimekko}

The squares of our September and October calendars have been squeezed tightly

with activity.

I know after this weekend, the pace will continue with speed.

This weekend calls for a bit of fall self-care.

What does that look like for me?

Warm fuzzy socks, sipping hot beverages, reading a book ( I am thinking about

this one or maybe this one),

watching football or a movie or both.

Less cooking by using a gift card gathering dust equals a date night.

It means doing something creative.

Perhaps taking a walk between the showers forecasted.

It involves digging a bit deeper and longer in my devotional time.

It means rejoicing in setting my clock back AND refusing to  squander those bonus

60 minutes by staying up too late.

I need to not just act the part but be a grown-up.

It does not include the words “should” and “have to”.

It’s all about refreshing my soul.

I intend to drink hot apple cider.

I made a big pot on Halloween to drink as we went door to door.

However, the evening was so warm that no one was in the mood.

I made The Pioneer Woman’s recipe for the first time.

If you need a new cider concoction, click here, you won’t be disappointed.

It’s November 1st and the stores are already lined with all things Christmas,

take a little time during this first week of November to take care of yourself.

I know you will be glad you hit the pause button.

Here’s another desktop to choose:

November 2013 desktop calendar

Go here to find one of three desktop sizes to enhance your screen.

Happy November!






One thought on “welcome november

  1. Wow, Helen I am so glad I read your blog a little late but I am sure God led me to it. My goal is to try to organize time that I normally let slip by. The “should and have to”…I end up a lot of times doing nothing.I don’t do things that soothe my soul for thinking I need to get things done. Thank you for your thoughts in writing. Have a great November.


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