ten minutes

ten minutes


I close the door after all the hugs and waving has ended.

Carl mans the steering wheel which will navigate Courtney back to the land of roommates

and late night studying.

That’s all that happens in college, right?

The parting is more familiar but remains a deliberate ritual of releasing coupled with a gulping inhale.

Caleb and Carlen have scattered to other parts of the house.

We all need our space and  time to find a home for our thoughts.

Because home feels incomplete on Sunday evenings when two of our

members are traversing a freeway.

I rub Hazel’s ear and we both wonder what to do next.

I find sanctuary on the couch and Hazel winds herself around my feet.

Before I can ponder any thoughts of movement,

my eyes gaze out the living room window at

the evidence of the setting sun.

The morning had been grey and rainy.

The afternoon had proved to be the opposite.

I grabbed a camera,

snapped the top picture and added it to my secret Instagram with

the caption:

From the rising of the sun till the going down of the same,

the name of the Lord shall be praised.

There is praise even in those moments of letting go.

The three pictures are taken over the course of ten minutes.

I wasn’t looking out the window the entire time.

I had moved on.

Witnessed the beauty, captured it and went on.

Sad but true.

I smiled when I took the second photo because I could have missed the

first sunset.

The first sky is the one fit for sharing with friends.

The second sky is just a sky.

Isn’t it?

A few minutes later and although the lighting wasn’t optimal, I see

bits of rosy red coloring the clouds replacing the grey.

Three skies.

Three different moments.

Three reasons to praise God.

Three skies.

One faithful, never-changing, abiding and loving God.

God is in every moment.

He is in hello and goodbye.

He is in laughter and tears.

He is in rainy dreary days and sun saturated afternoons.

He is captured in watercolor painted skies and dark foreboding


He is invading the landscape in ways that may not demand to be posted

online but are every bit worthy of sitting down and taking notice.

How can we not pause to whisper our gratitude for being so near and

utter our apologies for missing Him so often?

This week, I encourage  you to look for God in the midst of

your moments.

Spy Him in unexpected places and in less than gorgeous terrains.

Finding God in the ordinary may take practice.

Every lesson in paying attention will cause you to see the sacred

nestled within the mundane.

Happy Monday friends.

May you have countless reasons and opportunities to voice praise this week.

Share it with Him.

Share it with someone else and help them learn to see.

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