the end of summer school

the end of summer school


Today is the Autumnal Equinox.

I just removed my final vase of sunflowers from the mantle.

Each falling petal dims their radiance.

It seems fitting to close this session of summer school.

A few days before Labor Day, I sat down and wrote

a list of what I  learned  am learning.

After looking at the list that emerged, I decided

to write a single post with each lesson, a bullet point with

a few sentences of explanation.

I never finished that post because it was longer than I desired.

The summer school series was born.

Perhaps so many lessons come from summer because the days

are longer.

Today there will only be 12 hours between sunrise to sunset.

Fall will have its own lessons.

Make sure you look for them, even if you find them crouched

behind cloudy grey skies or in puddles emerging around your feet.

Next week, a historic home will be transported through our neighborhood to a new lot.

It has been a long process for this family, full of permits and delays.

Yesterday, an arborist surveyed several streets along the route,

to determine if the trees would provide enough clearance.

I left for my walk and saw the team working on a tree several doors down.

I came home and more than a third of our maple tree was gone.

The umbrella of shade  transformed into a straight line extending heavenward.

This tree has been a marker for our family.

We planted it the year we moved to our home.

Twenty years of growth stunted by a heavy pruning.

I was surprised by how much this event affected our family yesterday.

I was disappointed no one knocked on our door to tell us that they were

going to cut SO much.

Carl reminded me that we had received a notice at our doorstep.

The notice was generic, this felt personal.

Pity party over.

A tree is a tree and it will grow again.

I know I am not alone in battling with issues of control.

With the tree scenario, I wish I had been asked, I would

have suggested an alternate route and someone else’s tree 😉

Many scenarios in life arrive without consultation and visual cues.

We aren’t given a choice of the means used or the routes taken.

We may survey our landscapes and be surprised by the severity of the cuts.

There are reasons even if we can’t fathom them.

Tuesday, many in our neighborhood will gather and view the rare scene of

a house being rolled to its new environs.

I am sure we will remain transfixed.

We will also look up, witness the exposed limbs and in that grand moment

be convinced the cost worthy for others  to finally be home.

Ah, falls is bearing new lessons from the start.

You can read the entire summer school series here.

Thank you so much for joining me in the learning.

2 thoughts on “the end of summer school

  1. I loved your series. It was lovely and thought provoking. You had a deeply rich summer. Thank you for sharing it with us!


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