summer school: day ten

summer school: day ten



Last week the phone from our land line was out.

It’s a wonder we realized it was not working as most phone calls

arrive via cell phone.

Carl called the phone company who gave us a process to try and reset our line.

This did not work so the problem was outside of our home.

The technician came and could not resolve the problem so he called the people

who work with the cables.

A couple of hours without internet service and the problem was solved.

When the cable guy came to tell me the good news he said we were not the only

home affected. There were homes all along our long block with varying issues.

I asked him what had caused the problem.

He smiled and said a squirrel doing a bit of chewing.

He said he could not guarantee this would never happen again because

you know squirrels.

Oh yes I do.

Remember summer school lesson day two when I shared about

those bold squirrels biting the heads off of our sunflowers?

Well, a couple of days post-phone line repairs, I saw the furry creature above doing its best

Tarzan impression on a large sunflower stalk.

I decided to take one for the team and

in the interest of the neighborhood, I didn’t loft a pine cone at him like Caleb suggested.

I took a deep breath and took his picture instead.

He didn’t seem the least bit concerned about my capturing his “crime”.

We each have our own perspective.

Helen: Sunflower = beauty and enjoyment after a long wait

Squirrel: Sunflower = a buffet in the sky

Summer school lesson ten:

Live at peace with all men and women

and beasts too.

Peace may arise from seeing a different perspective.


If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone

Romans 12:18



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