summer school: day nine

Today’s lesson will be heavy on pictures

and light on words.

I had heard about Project Life for some time.

I dismissed it as too hard and time-consuming.

If I had actually done some research instead of clucking my tongue

I would have found that the entire premise of Project Life is

easy and fast.

As their website explains:

Project Life is a back-to-basics approach to memory-keeping.

What you need to complete a scrapbook

My dear friend Cheryl gave me a perfectly timed push when

she shared that she had begun Project Life and gave me stacks of cards to

get me started.

I decided to use a smaller scale album to fill with our summer memories.

Once I completed my first few pages I was hooked.

It provided a visual way for me to pay attention to our life and

discover joy in the daily and not so daily parts of life.

I have been given permission to share a few pages of our summer book.

Sorry they turned out a bit fuzzy but I think you will get the idea.
(Click on a picture to view it larger…if you dare.)




Celebrating birthdays…



Finding a cookie combining Courtney and Caleb’s nicknames ( well, almost if it had said
CoCoJoJo it would have been perfect.)



Loving our breakfast time. Sometimes I just let the photo speak for themselves without any
journaling or card inserts.

20130912_202705Celebrating the love!
Can you guess which breakfast each of us devoured?



Take me out to the ballpark.



A fun memory from a rainy summer day.
(Those donuts were glazed with Nutella…heaven.)

I am so thankful to Cheryl for introducing me to Project Life.

I have resisted the temptation to make every page look perfect and just

enjoyed the process of documenting our life.

Keeping a scrapbook is not a new idea.

This method of compiling memories has helped to pause,

remember and give thanks.

I caught Caleb looking through the book the other day,

casually flipping through the pages of summer.

Anyone out there doing Project Life?

Summer school lesson #9:

Finding gratitude in the ordinary may be as simple as discovering a method

to gaze at your life moments.



3 thoughts on “summer school: day nine

  1. ci says:

    Love your memories and photos! Looks like an amazing summer. Documenting like this helps keep us more alert to the simple joys going on in our every day and that’s a very good thing!


  2. Jill,
    I love your phrase “sharing the feeling tool”. Exactly right. Sometimes a picture can cause one to remember details they might not recall otherwise.


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