summer school: day eight

summer school: day eight


If you know me or have read this blog for any length of time, it is

evident that I am a rule follower.

I also have held a faulty image of God and I discussed this most recently

on day four.

I am determined to end the cycle of new starts.

I am all for fresh starts and the new mercies extended to each

of us every day by God.

The cycle I am referring to is my need to perpetually check off the boxes of

reading plans.

I fall prey to the alluring  promise in January of check marks landing me closer to some giant

bull’s-eye of faith.

Months later I spy rows of empty boxes and the agony of failing in

this longstanding rule assuring spiritual growth.

It has been a self-imposed litany of shoulds and attempting to present myself

acceptable which has propelled me to think this is the only way to know God.

Yes. to know God, we must know His word.

Yes, I do believe reading plans have merits and I am not saying I am

abandoning them forever.

I am learning the simple fact that God never changes but I do.

There are so many ways to seek God and to learn about His ways.

One person is overcome by the presence of God when faced with the crashing

waves of the ocean while another person sees it only as a body of water.

Some love hymns and others feel an electric guitar is a key ingredient in their worship.

Marked Bibles or underline free, liturgy or spontaneous prayer, it matters not if it

draws you toward the heart of your Maker.

Some seasons may beckon memorization or meditation.

Other days may find you helping a neighbor and seeing the

face of Jesus in their smile.

Or how sacred can stargazing while chatting over an open fire be to the soul.

Similar to the way I have tended to limit God’s

very God-ness, I have often constructed a wall of what

constitutes the right way to find Him.

God’s not hiding.

He is everywhere.

He is persistent and relentless in His pursuit for our hearts.

But sometimes I am lazy.

When I walk, I am prone to take the same route each time.

I know what to expect of the terrain and the distance.

Some days I am sure I don’t notice my surroundings because

they are so familiar to my feet and my eyes.

Often I use a discipline as a form

of control when being willing to move in

a different direction would lead me to a new dimension

of His overflowing heart.

So I will read His word,

I will sing His songs be they ancient

or brand new.

I will look up, down and all around enjoying

His creation.

I will pray in my mind, out loud

or even in shouts,

I will climb mountains and flit my toes

across the surf

and I will declare His goodness to my generation

as well as past ones.

I will savor liturgy because they are words which have

been uttered by the lips of fellow travelers from days of old,

who sought God just like me.

Just like you.

I will look for Him in chapter and verse as well as in the sunrise.

I will stop being worried about checking boxes or keeping God

in one either.

I will remember

summer school lesson #8:

God is eternally the same but our wiring is not the same.

Be willing to walk the familiar path but also explore uncharted ones.

Exchange new starts for new vistas.


Timing is everything.

Just when I begin to learn a lesson,

I find there is a book bursting with

the same lesson theme.

Not even a chapter in, but I believe this

will be a great read.


p.s. I am grateful for your comments and have replied to all.

Thank you so much!


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