family dinner

family dinner

I will be back tomorrow with the next installment in the

summer school series.

Today I just wanted to share with you what our family is doing tonight.

This isn’t anything earth shattering or even original but it still makes

me happy.

If I am completely honest, I haven’t been satisfied with our family meal times since

Carlen started high school.

High school, middle school, sports, a toddler and eating at the table most days was

not a reality.

It was definitely grab and go eating.

I even joked with a friend yesterday (at soccer practice) that we had years of carrying

a cooler in our van filled with something that resembled dinner.

It wasn’t always this way.

When the girls were in elementary school, our family was part of a meal

makeover feature during The Portland Tribune’s first year in publication.

A nutritionist helped our family and others develop a plan of healthy quick eating.

We had told her that we wanting quick meals to eat around the table.

Today our table can have a different number of place settings on any given day.

This year Caleb is older which means an additional day of soccer practice.

We decided that Wednesday would be family dinner night.

Not that we don’t eat together the rest of the week but there is a different

rhythm when dinner doesn’t come after pulling off shin guards and sweaty clothes.

Our goal is to settle in, enjoy a simple meal and breathe.

We will savor the moments to share about our week thus far and what

the rest of the week may bring.

My tendency is to make things an event which translates into

exhausting myself to the point that I lose sight of the original intention.

Today it’s hot.

I am not cooking anything.

Someone else with cook a roast chicken. Bless them!

I will make a salad early and have it in the fridge so that is so nice and cold.

I will add some watermelon and bread.

Family dinner should be about enjoying the time

with your people and it doesn’t have to be about fiddling with a lot of  ingredients.


I imagine it will be three of us the majority of the time.

Tonight there will be four places set.

I know lots of you are doing family dinner nights as well.

How about the rest of you, are you spending your time around the table?

Need some help?

I bought this book when it came out in 2010.

It is an invaluable resource for families of all ages

and dimensions.

I don’t own this book but it is another winner.

Hmmm…I might just need to make the Watermelon Feta Salad

in Bread and Wine.

We shall see.

Whatever is easy 🙂


8 thoughts on “family dinner

  1. You’re such an inspiration…even on your day off!
    Enjoy your family dinner…and say “hi” to the fam. 🙂


  2. Today’s blog reminded me that even when our families get smaller; children grow up, parents die, that whoever is with us is our family. We are blessed not to be alone ever because God doesn’t leave us. Tonight I invited Dad to “follow the napkins” out of our den for dinner. I set the table for a simple but satisfying dinner and we remembered those who have been at our table over the years. It was a good Wednesday!
    Love Mor


  3. For me an event dinner is tablecloth ir placemats, napkins and candles lit while we relax and chat. Tea out of china teacups after to signify time to enjoy others at the table.

    Gratitude for goodness of God, family, food and provision.


  4. Mom,
    That is so dear, sweet and creative! I might have to steal that napkin idea when I can’t get people to come to the table. I know your table has stretched long with people you have called to your table!


  5. Helen, i have made watermelon and feta salad and it is tasty and refreshing! You already know about our family dinner nights. In a perfect world they would happen as intended every Thursday. For now until colder weather gathers us in, we are a bit sporadic. On the nights they do not work out I pray over each person that is missing from the gathering. Enjoy and be blessed!


  6. I have been definitely inspired by your family dinners and how meaningful you make traditions and gathering. Yes I must remember the perfect world concept so it doesn’t dishearten me. Thanks for your comments Mary!


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