summer school: day seven

summer school: day seven


Carl and I were wandering around IKEA and I spotted

the pillow above.

I kept picking up one from a bin of many and squishing it between

my palms.

Then I would return it back to its caged home.

After a half-dozen times, Carl simply asked,

“Why don’t you buy them?”

We had a new love seat in our living room and although I tend to rotate

pillows all over the house, nothing had seemed to fit.

I didn’t answer him right away because in my mind was the reason

I had picked up these pillows so many times.

There seemed to be  bins of spotted pillows everywhere we roamed.

Did I want to buy pillows that might be found in thousands of other homes?

Before I did answer, Carl added,

“Just buy the pillows. I know you love polka dots.”

With that simple statement, I picked up two pillows and gave them a bear hug

and that was that.

Whenever I see them, which is often, I love them.

I love them because they were bought from a place of being known.

I  do love polka dots, it goes with my ladybug crush.

I love that my family lays their weary heads upon them.

I  enjoy fluffing them up at the end of the evening, knowing they

have been thoroughly used and not simply a static decoration.

Yes, there are probably homes all across the country with my pillows.

But no other house will look like our home.

I think for a long time, I wanted our house to look like someone else’s or

maybe just Pottery Barn 😉

I am learning to love our home even the parts that need repainting

or updating.

Our home is full of books and typography and Legos and discarded


There are outlets overflowing with chargers and photographs of our life

within and outside our walls.

My friend Layne and I have the same canvas painting.


Same painting with one difference.

I like it hanging horizontal.

Layne adores it hanging vertical.

I hope your home looks and feels and smells like you.

I hope that whether it is messy or immaculate that you

enjoy the place you call home.

I pray that you feel loved and known within your walls.

Do you feel known where you live?

Often when we gather around the dinner table, we draw questions

which I have written on slips of paper.

Sometimes there are groans and rolled eyes.

Yes, our walls contain all shades of attitudes and personality.

Little questions which cause us to think and share parts about

ourselves with one another.

Start asking questions to create a place of knowing and


You might be surprised what you learn about each other.

Because it truly isn’t all about tossing the perfect pillow into

your house.

It’s about creating a sanctuary full of meaning and memories.

Your corner of the universe containing shared knowledge of and affection for each

dweller who catapults themselves onto lumpy couches as

screen doors creak behind them.

A place of refuge for those who cross your threshold and

are allowed to catch a glimpse and behold a part of you.


Summer school lesson #7:

No house will ever look like yours.

This is sacred real estate.

Embrace your abode no matter how humble or grand,

messy or clean.

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