summer school: day six

summer school: day six

I don’t often post on Sunday.

So this post will be short.

Our family was given a wonderful gift this past year.

The gift was called Sabbath.

We intentionally slowed down on Sunday.

Not every week went according to plan but

any effort towards rest was a victory.

Sometimes summer can be all about lounging in the sun

sipping tropical drinks.

But more often it is crammed full of months of fun but

little rest.

I am getting better at not apologizing for doing nothing.

I don’t have to wear my busyness as a badge of worthiness.

In my 30’s, I said yes to everything and everyone.

A mixed-up jumble of people pleasing tendencies and

folly as I pushed my natural temperament to the side.

I vividly remember looking at my calendar and desperately

wanting an entire month to be over.

Every square in a given month was covered in ink.

I would work and live hard for weeks on end and then

I would crash.

Actually I emotionally crashed before the commitments


I would be grouchy and touchy and I am certain sharing a home

with me was a blast 🙂

I am sure I cast blame away from me but the truth was all I needed to

do was linger long enough to sight see in a mirror.

I am glad those days are behind me.

Not that life doesn’t present me with plenty of opportunities

to fill those little boxes,

I have learned to pay attention to the way I am wired.

I unraveled because I cared more about how I was perceived

than caring for myself.

A day of rest has been soul keeping.

It is the business of mending a life instead of

allowing busyness to devour my days.

Summer has a completely different rhythm than

the rest of the year.

I remembered my need for rest in the midst of

the season’s enticing offerings.

Naps became my Sabbath.

Saying no at times became Sabbath.

Not being tied to an alarm clock provided  sweet respite.

The more I rest, the more I come to terms with how tired I am.

No matter the season,

take time to rest.

Summer school lesson #6:

Rest is never overrated.

Rest is a priceless balm for the faint of heart and body.


You can now find all the days of the summer school

series at the top of the page entitled

summer school.








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