summer school: day four

summer school: day four

I have lived the greater portion of my relationship with God looking

over my shoulder.

He never told me he was watching me like a hawk in judgment.

No, I have read how he delights over me and tenderly cares for me.

He watches over me full of protective intentions.

But I have changed the translation to my own,

created in my image.

I have embraced scales in place of strong loving hands.

I  have measured discipline like it was an unseen yardstick.

Acquainted with the truth that He is all-seeing and all-knowing and fearing

that all that seeing and knowing would surely find me lacking miserably.

Many schools employ composition notebooks as a tool to help students

track their assignments.

Each day a student is required to log each specific assignments and its due date.

After an assignment is completed, the teacher places their signature as verification.

A quick  glance at any given composition notebook will

determine whether a student is on target or woefully behind.

I live like God is checking my notebooks.

Am I on target as His child or am I woefully behind?

I want to live in freedom.

I want to one day stand before Him

not juggling arms full

of scribbled in notebooks

but with empty arms

attached to simply me.

I desire to live out of the complete definition

of God not existing under one looming misconception.

Somehow I easily cast aside the hundreds of names of God and

descriptions of his character and lasso each one with one word:


I don’t want to suspect God is holding a giant red pen

eagerly looking through  the notebook of my life for inadequacies.

With every beating fiber of my heart, I want to know the stream of red

marks comes from the cross and covers my failings with

grace, mercy and outstretched arms of love.

Summer school lesson #4:

God is not checking your notebook.

This is the fourth installment in my summer school


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2 thoughts on “summer school: day four

  1. It is as if you live inside my mind somedays. 🙂 I desire that same perspective of truth but too often it is the image of God of my own making as well. This is an awesome lesson.


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