summer school: day three

summer school: day three




The movie was drawing to a close and Caleb leaned over in

the dark to find my ear.

He whispered,

“Mom, can we stay until the credit are all done?”

I moved his ear up and down as I nodded.

I was surprised by the question as I believe we tend to stay affixed to our seats

at movies’ end.

I looked over at him as the word YES escaped into the theater air.

We sat.

The two of us in a suddenly empty auditorium watching as line after line of credits

rise and disappear before our eyes.

I asked Caleb if he knew what the credits were all about.

He said,

“Yeah, it is a list of everyone who did all the work.”

Yes it is.

I am always amazed when people leave a film before it ends.

I can understand if the movie is a rotten tomato.

But I have witnessed audience members get out of their seats

when all “the good stuff” is happening, never to return.

I have also seen people leave a sporting event convinced their team couldn’t possibly

win based on the score.

Imagine their surprise when the seemingly impossible happens.

We each have a life.

We each will have an ending point.

Not one of us knows when the end will come.

Our lives are not about predictable endings or even defying the odds.

Our lives are about relationships and a part of life should be

giving credit to those who have

done the work in our lives.

If your life was projected on a screen,

who would comprise the list of names

in the closing credits?

Who in your life should you take a moment and 

thank for the work they have done in your life?

I venture to guess most people would not consider it

work to be in your life, walk with and love you.

Take a moment and give thanks.

Give credit.

Send a card.

Make a phone call.

Summer school lesson #3:

Make sure you stay until the credits roll.


This is day three in my summer school series.

Check out day one here


day two here.







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