when clutter collides with memories

when clutter collides with memories

Clutter versus memories

I have been in the basement lately.

Not because I am in any sort of trouble or mood.

It is cooler down below but it is also the location of my office slash

Costco slash catch-all space.


Sometimes it takes a bit of bravery to let go of stuff.

Stuff: a not so fancy word for memories and sentimental accumulations.

I recycled out of date magazines which I felt compelled to save.

The reason escapes me now.

I loaded up the recycling bin with ones I meant to read.

I just never got around to reading them.

I let go of dozens of Bible study member books.

I think I held onto them because I was positive  I would find my way back into

all those bound and marked up pages.

Once they were completed, so was that particular journey.

I guess it was not necessary to press repeat or rewind.

Not only is my multi-faceted  space looking less cluttered,

I feel unburdened by saying goodbye to all that stuff.

I wonder when we hold onto volumes, stacked high

and tucked away,

if it tethers our souls by the weight.

I have yet to tackle my journals.

That is another project indeed.

Where does the importance of having a written document as a

marker of remembrance and history collide with physical space?

Is there anything you are holding onto which has ceased to have value?

What is piled on shelves and in corners that needs to be released?

As I have attempted to tame the clutter, I have stumbled upon pieces of paper

scribbled with words.

Some are quotes and others are handwritten

words spoken by others.

I found four small sheets of paper with gems in bullet point

to help devotional time be fruitful and add

sharpness to studying.

In keeping with less clutter, I won’t type out the foursome


If you are interested in these insightful scribbles, you can find

them at the top of the page under the title “a helping hand“.

Clutter be gone!


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I hope you love it as much as I do 🙂

4 thoughts on “when clutter collides with memories

  1. Good for you Helen. As you know with my recent move, I spent a week down in our former basement purging, recycling and remembering as you have just done. It was a true cleansing experience for me in several ways. Physically, emotionally and spiritually.. One more thing you and i have in common – less stuff is enough:). Love ya!


  2. The little people brought tears to my eyes. Certainly brings back many memories. Love you. Mor


  3. Mary, I know you know well the joy and heavy lifting of basement de-cluttering.
    I agree. Less stuff is more than enough!
    Love you back!


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