birchbox love

birchbox love

Today I want to share one of my favorite finds of

this year.

I took the plunge and am a monthly subscriber to Birchbox.

What’s Birchbox you ask?

It is a monthly box of generously sized health and beauty samples.

I call it a box of inspiration.

You see, maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up with a sister.

Or the fact that my mom is a natural beauty.

At the time when most girls were experimenting with makeup,

I was lost.

Slumber parties weren’t always so fun because blue and green

eye shadow may have been all the rage but looked better (at least in

the 70’s and 80’s) on those who bore a less enhanced pigment.

Enter Birchbox.

For the cost of blinking at the beauty counter,

a subscriber receives a box filled with samples for hair,

face, body and even to taste all according to a personalized profile.

Some of my new favorite products have arrived on my porch.

One month’s theme was health and fitness and included

a free year subscription to Women’s Health (completely paid for the

price of the box).

Midway through the second week of each month, resting on the bench on my porch is this beauty:


Inside is this plain brown box:


Each box has a theme expressed on a card on one side.


The flip side lists the items in the box and the retail price of a full size product.

This is what lurked beneath the hot pink tissue paper.


Samples, samples and more samples (more in the cardboard container as well not shown).

If this sounds like something you might enjoy, click here.

Request an invitation.

Wait for your acceptance, it won’t take long.

Then subscribe for a month or as long as you like.

$10/month for what I like to call my little gift to myself.

It is also a gift that I can share.

Courtney has enjoyed perfume, tea, treats and nail polish among

other goodies.

If you decide, that you would like to try Birchbox out,

I would be ever so grateful if you used the link I have provided throughout

this post.

Birchbox will throw a few points my way.

If the word Sephora makes your heart beat faster either from

pure joy or fear, this little brown box might be the antidote.


P.S. a sneak peek video of August’s box just popped up yesterday.

Watch the video and if you join by August 14th, you can still

receive the August box.

Oh by the way, just like finding the perfect nail color,

I have polished up the blog with a more simple look.

Perhaps the natural look eh?

Click on over and take a look if you are reading this post via

email or feed.

Tell me what you think.

I realize I am having a few issues with formatting.

I will figure it out…hopefully.

If you would like to subscribe, you will find the instructions

at the bottom of the page.

As always, thanks so much for reading A Work of Heart.

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