HELENium flowers sway towards the sun
HELENium flowers sway towards the sun

Friends, I can be easily swayed by whatever placed before my eyes.

I can set my cursor towards scrolling Facebook and see what most would call ideal moments.

I can become overwhelmed by the hundreds of pins worthy of hoarding on Pinterest.

I can look towards the latest fad or fashion or book and reach towards it like

a magic elixir for contentment.

I can fill my days to unending and somehow only achieve the status of fatigue.

Even as a blogger there are prescribed rules for word count, the best days to post and

how to design the perfect blog post.

Follow the steps and success is guaranteed.

I wonder if there are only appointed days when people need encouragement.

Will God only whisper those 500 words to write on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

and never on a weekend or a busy Monday (when supposedly no one reads)?

I am learning to be less a follower of the expert’s rules and more a follower

of the Maker of grace and spontaneity of spirit.

The last several months I have slowed down in a few ways.

I have abandoned the boxes to check of reading plans and I have

quietly asked God to speak to me in verses.

I have released my firm grip on rules and bravely asked God to encompass and inhabit

the words laid before my eyes.

One such day, I read these fresh words,

what is that to you? You follow Me.

John 21:22

You may recall when Jesus spoke these words to Peter.

Peter had denied Christ 3 times leading up to the crucifixion.

Jesus tenderly walked him through repentance and realignment.

Jesus gave Peter a slight glimpse at the cost of his calling.

Peter turned and looked at John and wondered if John’s call would be the same

as his own.

It is so easy to be swayed in the direction of others.

One person’s gifts look cooler than ours.

Another person’s life seems to be quite extraordinary.

Do we realize that no two lives are meant to be lived the same?

The Maker has appointed each of us a life which will bear no resemblance

to anyone else.

On Facebook, with the click of a button, an image can be shared and transferred to your page, but

it is only borrowed and not owned.

I don’t want to be swayed by casting a glance to the left or right.

I don’t want to be chasing an ideal portrayed on a screen.

I want to be a follower not a chaser.

I want to rejoice with those who rejoice.

I know I will cry with those who cry.

I will share in sorrow and joy but I will know without an inkling

of doubt,

I follow and am not swayed.

What is that to you?

What that are you swayed by?

For Peter it was public opinion and comparisons.

For me, it is much of what I described above.

What is  that which you are chasing

and instead need to  fall in line to follow Jesus?

Oh it is so easy to be swayed.

Resist the tendency to swivel in your neck,

stand straight and follow your leader.

2 thoughts on “sway

  1. This is beautiful. And right. Just when I think I’ve escaped the tyranny of comparison and striving, I find myself looking over the fence at someone else’s blog or book or whatever and I realize again how far I have to go before I’m a woman who looks only at Him. Thank you for the encouragement to keep trying.


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