sent to you

sent to you


He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted

Isaiah 61:1d

I wonder if anyone needed to read those 8 words of comfort.

There are many reasons  Christ was sent to live among earth dwellers.

Reasons so grand and unmerited, it is baffling to ponder the vastness of His love.

Sometimes I think we forget about the simple.

He was sent to heal those whose hearts are broken.

Brokenness can come in many forms.

It can be a result of poor choices creating rubble difficult to step over or around.

Often the events of life amass deep and wide enough, life blood seems drained from

the heart, replaced with a substance called ache.

There is nothing like a dull ache.

It is ever-present and penetrates to the bone.

Nothing seems to take the pain away.

Jesus was sent intentionally for a purpose to a designated target.

You are that bullseye.

If you are the bearer of a shattered heart,

let the One sent to bind up the shards of your life

and heart find you today.

Let the all-sufficient , ever-present one heal you in the midst of heartbreak.

He was sent to mend the exact conditions of  your heart today.

One thought on “sent to you

  1. In a week where many dear friends have passed away, this message is especially comforting. Thank you for the timely message.


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