it’s pink

it’s pink

My car has been in the shop for over two weeks.

When we dropped the car off at the mechanics, there were

two items I wanted to retrieve from the car.

From the trunk, my collection of reusable grocery bags and from

the back window, Caleb’s version of Jesus Calling.

The devotional was remembered but the grocery bags

remain in the trunk.

This school year, I put Jesus Calling in the back window of my car.

Caleb reads each day’s reading as we drive to school.

I love hearing him read the marching orders for the day.

We have a little chat about the reading and by the time we reach his

school, we feel armed for the day ahead.

Sometime in February, I backed out of the driveway and asked

Caleb to start reading.

He waited a moment and questioned,

“Do I have to read it?”

I turned to look at him and said,

“Yes, what’s the matter?”

“It’s pink!”

Front cover
Front cover

“You know I don’t like the color pink.”

Back cover bearing the original color
Back cover bearing the original color

We laughed at how the cover of the book had faded by being

at the mercy of residing in the back window.

I told Caleb that if he opened the book quickly he wouldn’t have to spend

time looking at the newly pink cover.

I encouraged him to read what was inside the book, the important part.

I wonder how often our personal preferences get in the way

of spending time between the covers of scripture.

Maybe we aren’t a morning person.

Perhaps we are tired.

It could be that we have reached a less “exciting” part of the Bible.

Have you reached a dry patch in your devotions?

Do you ever mutter to yourself,

Oh,I don’t really care for this section of scripture  or fill in the blank,

maybe another day, when it feels more relevant.

I know I have felt all of the above.

It is easy to discard truth by looking at the external reasons that

cause us not to seek God’s hope and comfort.

Sometimes I think it is crucial to push past feelings and

lethargy and simply separate the front from the back cover

and gaze upon the contents.

Some days I have to grab the book quickly and glance inside

before I can change my mind.

A million other things plead for my attention and


I have to push each thought to the back corner of my mind

and allow myself to be pulled into His words for me.

I am always glad when I reach  for those pages.

Prolonged exposure changes us.

We can be like Caleb’s book, where heat and light caused

its exterior to fade,

yet the core remained intact.

Keep yourself within the center of the Word,

it will help you withstand any harsh element.

Expose yourself and be changed.


Book Scorecard
Read about my summer scoring system here.

The Age of Miracles-completely forgot to add this book last time.
Interesting book about the world gradually slowing in time each day.
Grade-Third Base

The Fault In Our StarsOh heavy sigh. I laughed and oh did I cry.
I think it lived up to the hype. 
Grade-Third sliding into home base.

At bat:

Catching Fire-not sure why it has taken me so long to finish this book.
Perhaps it is the second book in a trilogy lull, but I have gotten in the groove
and this weekend, it shall be conquered.

The Language of Flowers– I think 3 more walks should finish this one.


Winner of The Rest of God is


Enjoy this wonderful book friend!


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