poppies of rest (giveaway)

poppies of rest (giveaway)

Poppies=Summer Joy
Poppies=Summer Joy

I have tried to grow poppies for years.

Each year, I long for them to push through the soil.

A few spindly leaves appear with promise and for reasons unknown

to me, they turn brown and disappear.

This year, I decided to plant a few poppy plants together in a pot

to protect the roots.

Today there are at least a dozen opened blossoms.

They are breathtaking  but fragile.

An unexpected heavy breeze causes petals to scatter over the lawn.

I wonder if the same is true when beginning to keep Sabbath.

If we place each seedling of attempt in a pot for protection

and allow the roots to intermingle with

other fellow Sabbath earth dwellers, the end result is strength

and staying power.

Maybe the longings of my heart will be captured by a growth in God

which is settled down to the depths and will fill the air with eye-catching


Early in the year, I joined Shelly Miller’s Sabbath Society.

Oh the comfort of knowing you are not alone.

Each week, Shelly sends out an email of encouragement and

links to other like-minded posts.

She shares struggles and triumphs and we connect in our failings

and cheer our Sabbath keeping victories.

We are all sprouting and blooming from the confines of the same

Sabbath soil.

I have written a time or two or twenty about our family pursuit of taking a Sabbath rest.

If you have thought about dipping your toes into the Sabbath pool, I believe summer time

is a great time to take the plunge.

Unless you pack your summer suitcase too full to close without force,

(I urge you to not view the next two and a half months as an attempt to

cram  in everything you didn’t do the other 9 and a half months of the year),

you may have more wiggle room to take a Sabbath break.

Do it.

You won’t regret it.

I promise you.

Taking a Sabbath rest helps to shelter you from the unexpected

winds which threaten to scatter you across life’s landscapes.

By the time autumn leaves begin to dance around your feet,

you will be on your way to creating a new lifestyle of rest.

I was sold on joining Shelly and the Society when I discovered Shelly

and I share a favorite book,

Mark Buchanan’s The Rest of God.

I have also written about this book a time or two and given

away a couple of copies as well.

Last week, Mark Buchanan wrote a guest post on Shelly’s blog

Redemption’s Beauty.

When you read his post, you will see how practical he is and I know

it will resonant in a life-building way.

Shelly gave two copies away.

One on the blog and one to her Sabbath Society peeps.

I won a copy from the Society…woo hoo.

I told Shelly that if I won, I would give the book away.

So I am giving away the copy that should arrive on my porch

this afternoon!

I just fanned the pages of my well-loved copy.

I am a book liner.

I bracket when it takes too long to underline entire


I plant smiley faces in the margins and write notes.

My book is imprinted on nearly every page with my


Even the very last line is underlined.


This book is not a how-to book.

It is a how to be book.

I doubt it will be like

anything you expect.

It could be called a makeover book.

A treatise on how God wants to makeover your days

with His sweetest gift of Sabbath.

Leave me any comment and I will pick a winner

on Friday morning.

If you already own the book, you can still leave a comment,

and feel free to spread

the book love to someone else.

Why not dig deeply into the fertile soil of summer

and scatter the seeds of Sabbath?

I would love to share a pot with you.

One thought on “poppies of rest (giveaway)

  1. Helen, this sounds wonderful. I have always looked at the sabbath rest from afar and thought how lovely and yet, can I really do this? I guess I feared I didn’t have what it took to get everything ready on the saturday before. You’ll have to keep giving me tips because i believe this is what will work best because it is God’s idea.


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