batter up

batter up

Nearly twenty years ago, I checked a book out from the library.

At the time, it was the most creative and innovative book I had ever

held in my hands.

It burst with colors and sheer unhindered joy.

I mention how long ago this reading occurred because at the back of the 

book the author answered questions from readers.

Yes, questions from letters not emails or text messages.

I will never forget one of the submissions.

The letter writer shared how much she loved the author’s books.

Yet the next sentences were full of anger.

She said that she was so mad at this author for writing the book

she had always wanted to write.

SARK, the author was so gracious for including the letter and even more in

her response.

She essentially told this frustrated writer that she should pay attention to

the parts of the book which moved her as they probably contained  elements of her

own heartbeat and writing gifts.

She explained how  everyone has a book within them and not  to give up.

I have never forgotten the letter or the answer for many reasons.

I recall it more often now as a blogger.

It is so common to open up my long list of blog feeds and read thoughts

and sentiments that are so deeply meshed with my own musings.

There have been days when I have leafed through the pages of my

list of potential blog posts, casually crossing them off  as they have already been inked

by others.

I exhale a fearful sigh that even if I did write similar words, could they stand

up against those already transcribed.

More common now is my determined attempt to remember these words,

There is nothing new under the sun.

There is nothing new and writing what we know, what I know, is what

defines and connects us to one another.

Today I am joining a voice to a post I read yesterday.

Sarah Bessey wrote about being buried under by the piles of unread or unfinished 

books in her home.

Oh could I relate.

Oh how I could have written this post.

I am going to copy Sarah and set my mandate to not buy/acquire anymore

books until I make some serious progress on my piles.

This summer, I am going to share from time to time about my book reading, using a scorecard from

a favorite summer pastime.

Softball used to be big in the summer for this family.

Early in my education of the game, I learned that the first three batters were known as

at bat, 

on deck 


in the hole.

A book read, I suppose will have crossed home plate.

I will rate each book as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, home run or grand slam.

Courtney has been home for almost a week now.

I declared her my reading soul mate on Facebook yesterday.

I have read a lot more since she has been home.

Don’t get me wrong, we have chatted and laughed endlessly but there is nothing

like one of us cozy on the couch and the other curled up in a chair with a book on our

laps and a pile of books from the library below our feet.

Time to attack those piles, starting with books which carry a bookmark.

At bat:

The Hardest Thing To Do -gotta love those monks!

They Like Jesus But Not The Church

The Language of Flowersfor long walk days.

The Getaway Car-on my nook (super short!)

On deck:

Catching Fire

Life After Art

Listening for Madeleine

In the hole:

The Fault in our Stars

The Secret Keeper

Home Plate:

A Secret Kept– technically I listened to this while I walked.
I would declare it caught stealing between 2nd and 3rd.

Bread and Wine- grand slam!

The Gifts of Imperfection-grand slam! So good.

Every Body Matters-home run. I read this in January just never
found a time to mention it. This is an important book. It will rearrange
your thoughts about exercise.

Are you reading any home runs or grand slams?

What’s up to bat for your summer reading?

I would love to know.

I will add them to a distant future book list 🙂

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