bring on the basics

bring on the basics

something is lurking...
What’s lurking?


For some reason, Caleb wanted me to take a picture of him behind the tulips baring

his teeth with a very menacing attitude.

Today I realized how stress can sneak up and devour with sharp teeth.

It peers through the green stalks of life and threatens to dry up reservoirs.

A blogger wrote recently about how she realized her back would “go out” during times of stress.

I wrote about my neck woes here.

My neck has been bothering me.

When I say bothering me, I mean it hurts and has lost its alignment.

Loss of alignment creates weakness in my right arm.

I feel different.

I move differently.

I am compromised by the stress that lurks and peers into my days.

I sat in my son’s Aikido class and watched as boys and girls practiced rolling over

each other and throwing each other.

I watched them giggle and I couldn’t help but join their laugh fest.

I marveled as they allowed their instructor to gently guide their hands, feet and bodies

into proper position.

No resistance to alignment or the moves can’t be executed properly.

I left my chair and went into the side exercise room.

I went back to basics.

I did my neck exercises.

I breathed.

I stretched from head to toe.

I drank a glass of water.

Later, I listened to music.

I looked around and beheld beauty

and inhaled the concentrated sweetness of springtime.

I  prayed.

I read the Word.

If time had allowed, I would have taken a walk.

I simply let the Instructor  gently guide

me back into proper alignment.

When stress lurks or stares you directly in the eyes,

take a deep breath and go back to the basics.

Don’t let stress mar beauty.




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