sharing some blog love

sharing some blog love


I have been a bit wordless lately.

The last 2 weeks have been full of words bearing not the best news.

News landing firmly in a pile marked disbelief.

Today some good news pounced and  engulfed

the other news momentarily.

I thought that it might be nice to share some blog affection.

Here is what has been before my eyes and perhaps

keeping my fingers from tapping the keyboard.

Sometimes, I just need to put beautiful images before my eyes.

Quickly change the landscape if only for a seconds.

Often, I simply scroll and only catch a stray word here and there.

My heart aches.

I feel as helpless as if trying to re-knit the stitches of an unraveling

sweater with my fingers.

Do you ever feel that way?

The first five links are feasts for the eyes.

The last is the best place to pitch a tent and remain,

under the shelter and care of His word.

He knit us together and He will continue

to tend to our days and steady the quickening

of our pulses.

Some places to take a stroll or perhaps just scroll:

One Hundred Dollars A Month
Mavis makes me happy.
I wonder when she sleeps.
I have no idea how she grows all those vegetables
and writes blog posts daily if not several times per day.
She’s always on the look-out for a bargain and she 
gives  simple tips for growing vegetables among
other tidbits of wisdom.
Not just a gardening blog.

Ditto DIY
a group of 9 bloggers are posting once a month their
own Do It Yourself project based on an inspiration piece.
This month is a painted tray vignette. 
Click the link above and then follow the links to the other
participating blogs.

The Seasonal Bouquet
An East Coast vs. West Coast floral challenge.
Simply. Beautiful.

Fabulously Organized Home
Who wouldn’t love a fabulously organized house?

Simple Thoughts from Paige Knudsen Photography
True confession: I love looking at the photographs.
After you look around awhile, you might spy the
Narnia typography wall hanging I wish I had the wall
space for…heavy sigh! Hint: find the page entitled
our home.

Liz Curtis Higgs
Check out this blog weekly as Liz counts down
the 20 most loved verses according to a poll
she conducted on her blog.
Liz has a great ability to dissect every word until
she reaches the muscle.
You will be stronger for her thorough study of
God’s word.

Go ahead and make my day! Leave a comment!

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