a view of my morning

a view of my morning


I have found my morning routine works best if I begin the night before.

Each night, I carry my morning pile to my dining room table so it is waiting for me in the morning.

The trick is to roll out of bed without hitting snooze and finding my seat at the table.

Here’s my current pile:

  • a pad for morning pages.
    If you are familiar with 
    The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron
     developed the technique of writing morning pages first thing upon
    rising. She calls it a tool for creative recovery.
    I find that it helps me to recover my soul and mind.
    The key is to write 3 pages of long hand writing. There are no rules or wrong
    way to do this. Write the first thoughts in your head.
    Usually I start by writing  “I am so tired!”
    Then just write thoughts, words saturated with honesty and grumbling
    and whining mixed with gratitude. Don’t correct misspelled words or grammar.
    Just write.
    I find I am offering up prayers that I wouldn’t ordinarily utter but I can write.
    Morning pages simply help me get rid of the clutter.
    They help me deal with all those spoken words.
    I never think I can fill 3 pages but I always do and as I near the last few lines finally I have
    gotten to the meat of what’s going on in my brain. But I stop.
    I don’t read my morning pages. They are not like a journal.
    I believe morning pages are those fresh thoughts of the day which have not found a
    voice or a way to be dealt with fully during our waking hours.
    You don’t have to be a writer to try them.
    I believe you will find them powerful and the cheapest therapy.
  • a glass of water (so I don’t wake my dog) 
  • my glasses (my world in black and white versus grey)
  • my nook-I use a daily lectionary for my Bible reading. I love that
    this one is online. As a recovering perfectionist, I get caught up in
    checking off boxes. Somehow this has freed me of that tendency.
    Plus I can take the nook with me when I travel.
    Click here for some great online resources and apps.
  • a devotional-I am a few days from finishing (again) Cynthia Heald’s
    wonderful 31 day devotional on Abiding in Christ.
  • my Bible-I am using the New Living Translation for morning time this year
    and Holman Christian Standard for study.
    Writing my morning pages first, I feel more focused on what I am reading.
    I don’t have as many stray thoughts trying to request permission to land.
  • my journal

Do you have a morning routine?

What has helped you?

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Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “a view of my morning

  1. Hi Grace!
    Very rarely do I re-read my morning pages so I usually shred them.
    I have been using top loading pads that are cheap and easy to tear off the cardboard backing and then
    I shred away.
    Good question…I meant to include that in the post!
    Thanks Grace, so nice to see your name!


  2. I really enjoyed this blog because I plan to start writing morning pages beginning in July. Right now I am too eratic to write regularly. Thanks for the tips and I love being able to picture you sitting down with you “morning stack” everyday. Love you, Mor


  3. I am glad you are going to take some time to do morning pages and that you are wise to begin
    when you have some space to make it happen. That’s funny…I almost named this post “my morning short stack”.


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