Sabbath = soul comfort

Sabbath = soul comfort

The week leading towards spring break, Caleb’s school celebrates spirit week.

Each day invites the students to display their spirit in a variety of ways.

Friday is always Caleb’s favorite as it is pajama day.

This is not surprising as most days upon arriving home,

Caleb is known to rush through  our front door and  moments later  emerge in pajamas.

Sundays after church, he can be found shooting hoops in the backyard in his jammies.

This boy loves his pajamas.

I asked him a couple of weeks ago, why he loved his pajamas so much.

He told me:

They are the most comfortable thing I wear all day.

I put them on because it tells me I am done with the day.

The more I have pursued taking a Sabbath rest, the more it has

felt akin to  putting on my favorite pair of pajamas.

Sabbath has become the most comfortable part of what I wear all week.

I eagerly make withdrawals all six days from the coziness  banked from

pajama living.

Week after week, my eyes are fixed on the long and short hands of time.

My phone alarms and timers strive to keep me on track.

Who knew I majored in my version of  Pomodoro without even knowing it was a technique?

The Sabbath beckons me to silence the ticktock of the clock on the wall as well

as the one echoing my head.

The Sabbath whispers to  behold  the passage of seconds as a companion and guide.


Sabbath is an invitation to set aside the mending to be mended.

It is basking in the fragrant gifts God has tucked behind the mess.

We need Sabbath in spite of the mess.

Sabbath presents the unabashed offering of a reduced speed of life.

God paused on the seventh day when His work was complete.

Your days of work are done.

The hours have evaporated below the horizon.

Put your Sabbath on.

Or better yet, be like Caleb and put your pajamas on.

As pajamas are comfort for the body,

Sabbath is comfort to the soul.

When your body and soul are worn, Sabbath  just might be the best thing you wear all week.


2 thoughts on “Sabbath = soul comfort

  1. I will never look at my pajamas the same again. It will always remind me of sabbath and that is a very good thing!


  2. I feel the same Cher.
    What I learn from the young and unhindered.
    It is definitely helping my Sabbath practice and yearnings when I see him sporting his p.j.’s. 🙂


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