the brave wait

the brave wait

my brave little friend allowing me to snap his picture through our window.
my brave little friend allowing me to snap his picture through our window.

Wait patiently for the LORD.

Be brave and courageous.

Yes, wait patiently for the LORD.

Psalm 27: 14 (NLT)

Caleb wrote an article for his school newsletter a few weeks ago.

He titled it How to Reach a Goal.

He defined a goal as something you are trying to complete.

He wrote about his goal to leave the ranks of intermediate chess player

in his school chess club and join the advanced players.

He had to work hard and beat two advanced players.

He was so excited that he was fueled to keep going and reached Advanced 2.

After press time, he ended the year as an Advanced 3 player.

We were so proud of him as often he had to ask older players for a match.

I’d call him brave.

No matter the age, we all need goals.

A goal can be anything.

A goal can be small or grandiose.

I love that Caleb’s goal definition was straightforward.

A goal is something you are trying to complete.

It has a launching point and destination.

When I chose the word brave as my guiding word for 2013,

I secretly wondered if I was daring myself to scale mountains.

I have found  bravery is found  in the context of every day.

Often I  must reflect  on my hours to see how often bravery has circled my steps.

A goal must be identified and embraced.

The elusive goal must be  captured in a net and summoned by name to earth, for there

to be  any hope of its presence remaining.

Next week, I will be attending my first writers’ conference.

I have wanted to go to one for years.

I just never made it a goal.

For two days, a friend and I will be hanging out with people who speak our shared word language.

We searched all last year for a gathering that would meet our criteria, which translates,

affordable and nearby.

Always pray specifically, God listens.

We will spend our days next door to our church.

God is practical and tender like that.

The scripture above has become my marching orders or perhaps a part of my bravery manifesto.

It reminds me that often bravery and courage are sandwiched between waiting

on the Lord.

Oh yes there are moments when bravery must step in immediately because

life demands swift action.

Waiting is not an option during those times.

Most of our sunrise to sunset expanses require the bravery found in the flickering rays

of waiting on God.

It doesn’t come from the drum of impatiently tapping fingers.

Instead it is embodied by the hush of upturned hands cradling clouds.

Sometimes the waiting can seem endless.

David as the writer of Psalm 27 was not pouring out his heart to God

regarding chess levels or writing dreams.

Although a chess match might describe his relationship with Saul

quite accurately.

If he were speaking in our time he might have simply said,

“Waaiitt  for it! Waaiitt  for it!”

He was traversing deep waters which threatened to pull him under

the currents.

His goal most days was simply to survive.

He clung to hope in the midst of the unknown timing of the Lord.

I would have lost heart, unless I had believed
that I would see the goodness of the LORD
in the land of the living.

Psalm 27: 13

How is God calling you to wait?

What goal do you need to lasso?

Where in your life do you need to be brave?

Don’t forget to speak forth the truth of seeing

God’s goodness in the land where we live.

In the meantime, keep on waiting patiently and

call yourself brave and courageous.

Because you are!

Wait at His door with prayer;
wait at His foot with humility;
wait at His table with service;
wait at His window with expectancy.

~Charles Spurgeon

To wait for the Lord is to make the Lord the clinging place of the soul,
and therefore the resting place,
and therefore the growing place.”
~J. H. Jowett 

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